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Does not work on some tracker, it let me choose to download it or open it (suggest me uttorent), but it works on others trackers. Why it's not working for every .torrent? For example, it's not working on this site: https://www.quebec-team.net/, but with the same computer/browser, it's working on this site: http://www.t411.me/ Thank you for your help

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Sorry, the site you mentioned requires a login and registration is closed. Do you have another example I can check on? Email me at bunta@orcon.net.nz if you like.

EDIT: After checking the site the download links are php downloads that convert to a torrent file after it is downloaded. Unfortunately this type of link cannot be captured by the file type watcher that is used in this addon but could be modified by a greasemonkey script.