MALWARE! 64-BIT INCOMPAT. COVERED UP! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

URLs included so you can see for yourself.... I'm just the messenger. Hope I'm wrong, too. But..... you Moz/FF experts judge this one. I only started coding in 1968.

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"Scans only 32-bit processes on Windows 64-bit OS."

My own thought? "If you have a 64-bit FF browser? Then it scans nothing!"
From: (done today, Turkey-day)
Query: "64-bit"
Search in: "Entire site"

"The search "64-bit" did not match any documents."
Their user-help Forum today too- here:
Returned: "> Search Results
You searched for: 64-bit
Unfortunately your search didn't return any results.....bla bla...
Try broadening the search parameters, etc...."
And you were maybe wondering why the reviews went from "GREAT WORK!" to "GET THIS TRASH OFFA ME! NOW!!"

How many agree that this is an INTENTIONAL coverup of a SERIOUS incompatibility issue in this ALLEGED FF plugin by BDFender? Show of hands? It's 100% where I work.

BITDEFENDER CRED FROM NOW ON? What cred? 0=0. (FF Forever!) All they had to do was tell us in the FAQ.....

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (