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I have read the pdf you posted. I agree with all ideas to make the german language gender-neutral, except for the one adressed by this add-on: The Binnen-I is an annoyance, difficult to read and would require new grammatic rules. But the worst part: The Binnen-I does *not* make the german language gender-neutral. If you would speak german you would know this: If you read words with the Binnen-I aloud, very often they don't sound neutral, but just like the normal female form. In the case of "ÄrztInnen" even the written form is female-only.

Gender-Neutrality... it annoys me, but I accept the changes for the greater good.
Binnen-I... horrible and not gender-neutral at all. YOU should be among those fighting it!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.12).