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  • As I get older stuff gets smaller, well okay not everything ;-).. This add on is excellent. One thing would make it perfect, a big refresh button. Thanks.

    Edit: Apparently it does have a refresh button. 6 stars now..

  • Mozilla keeps ruining other people's work with no compunction.
    Version 1.1.1 (Aug 15, 2012)
    available here:
    about halfway down the page,
    works fine on Pale Moon and will probably continue to do so since Pale Moon is emphasizing stability. Time to abandon Firefox folks. The fork is better.

  • Really Beautiful Thanks !

  • I couldn't find a forum or mozillazine topic for this add-on so this is not a review per se but just an FYI for the developer:

    I know this is not yet compatible with FF post-30 versions, but I tried it in FF ESR 31 anyway because the icons are so tiny, even with Classic Theme Restorer and Classic Toolbar Buttons to alleviate that as much as possible. So out of sheer desperation I enabled it.

    No joy. But what I noticed is (and I tried this a couple of times and it is repeatable) when you disable it and then hit the "restart now" button, for just a second right before the browser windows close, the big buttons DO show up! Just for an eye-blink before the windows close.

    I had thought the issue was with FF changing variable names or something so you can't find the right places to do the icon replacements, but I guess its some other issue?

    All I know is that Mozilla.org ought to be ashamed of themselves for turning out a product that is so clearly in violation of every adaptability standard. We shouldn't NEED addons to address issues of usability. These things - font sizes, colors, and icons - should be easily configured from within the browser itself.

    Shame on Mozilla! And kudos to FF Accessibility project folks.

    Especially right here - extra kudos to Ken Saunders for not just up and deleting reviews he doesn't like. I recently discovered developers can delete reviews they don't like (when I had one deleted in fact) which pretty much destroys any credibility from the reviews for most addons. I'm glad to see that he doesn't do that here. Grownups can make up their own minds about which reviews to pay heed to and which to ignore.

    Another shame-on-Mozilla issue - because I have to run a light-on-dark theme, and because Mozilla programmers chose to ignore standards for web design for adaptive coding, I can't see the "star widget". So I can't tell where to click on it because it doesn't render properly with a dark background. I have previously given Big Buttons a 5 star rating and that would be my intention now as well - if I could actually see the stars! I'll try to guess - but if the actual star rating doesn't match my stated intention, its because Mozilla can't be bothered to adhere to industry standards for adaptive coding.

  • классные кнопки!

  • As a legally blind user with very limited vision, this addon is amazing! The update is beautiful! Thank you so very much to the developer for making my life a little easier! Very, VERY well done, and thank you again! :)

  • I specially created the account to say Thanks!!
    As for me it's the most usefull add-on, because of
    "They may have a visual impairment"
    + "They may not have perfect eyesight"
    + "They may have a cognitive disability"

    and especially because of

    "Perhaps they use high resolution monitor settings, or a wide screen"
    + "Because 20x20 pixel icons (default Firefox size) are just too small"

    And I really don't get WHY Mozilla doesn't understand such simple things! Probably they use their browser on phone only.

    I'll be awaiting for Big Buttons update!
    God bless you, Big Buttons' creators!

  • FF just updated today and my buttons are screwed up!!! arrghhh

  • didn't help me at all

    I've got one of the new Windows 8.1 tablets ... but I've gotta use a bluetooth mouse with it, cause I can't otherwise tap the microscopic x's to close a tab, with my finger ... or even a stylus

    I tried changing the setting to move the x to the far right ... but it's just as tiny, and right under the close for the whole window ... and this add-on don't do a thing for it ... except take away more real estate for browsing

    maybe it s/b a different add-on ... basic concept is the same ... problem is real enough ... solution is very simple ... make the x's bigger ... and nothing else

    considering the real estate on an 8in tablet, it'd be nice if such an add-on would also make the x bigger, if the setting is changed to put a single x on the far right

    Developer response

    I'm sorry that this add-on didn't provide what you were looking for, but writing a negative review and providing a poor rating for an add-on that wasn't created to provide the feature that you wanted, nor does it claim to, isn't fair or even logical.
    It's like complaining that you didn't get steak at a place that only serves salads.

    "Big Buttons provides large and extra large Firefox -navigation toolbar buttons-."
    The screen shots even shows the tab close button at the default Firefox size when this add-on is installed.

    If you know CSS, you can create your own style to have the close button any size that you would like.
    The Stylish add-on for Firefox makes applying styles easy.

    Creating and maintaining add-ons can take a lot of time, work, and effort, and creating a single add-on that is just a large close button isn't practical.

  • how's about adding SeaMonkey support??

  • Congratulations. Works great. Now it is much easier to tap on buttons with your fingers. The icons just look great. Thanks!!

  • BIIIG! thats what fixes terribly small ff buttons!!!

  • Thanks for share!

    Maybe add some kind of other skins/icons

  • well this very good ,but strange i have to reinstall ,if i open firefox version 3,as it seems that it goes away,bizarre ,

    Developer response

    Thank you for taking the time to add a review, and for the rating.
    I'm sorry that you had issues with it.

    Big Buttons was never intended to be used with Firefox 3. The lowest version of Firefox that it is compatible with is set for Firefox 9 so that is more than likely why you had issues with it.

    Thanks again.