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  • I would give this 5 stars if it created pop ups of the verses or passages.

    Having to leave the article to go to another page is inconvenient.

  • First off I’ve loved this program for years / sad that it won’t work in FireFox Ver. 32.0.3. Still it is one of best types of small software ever seen. I hope there are many out there in cyber land that would agree… Sincerely a customer that should have said something a long time ago about this work! Sorry…

  • On Firefox 26 with this add-on enabled it causes Firefox to lock up every time I navigate to google+. Otherwise it worked great.

  • Very good Add-on. I give it 4 stars but I would give it 5 stars if it used tooltips.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful Bible software.

  • FANTASTIC Add-on for Firefox!
    I love the fact that I get to choose the Boible website it links to and that it makes LINKS for me. Amazing!
    (couldn't be any easier!)

  • This is a great little application! Awesome work and thank you!

  • It does what is advertised fairly well, but I find Tooltips much more useful than hyperlinks for this kind of extension.

  • One of the best gadjets I have used on the web: I use google.apps, so as I type and save the text is high-lighted. Thank you for all your hard work in providing a quick easy result; to my study tool.

  • Outstanding!

  • It does what it says on the tin. A useful add-on for any student of the Scriptures.
    I tried it out with an online sermon by Robert Murray M'Cheyne.

  • It is okay... just wish the verses would come up in a pop-up window.

  • Great add-on, thank you! I also agree with sj, I too read a lot of Christian sites and many do not have hyperlinked scripture references which means manually highlighting them and using a search engine, this is quicker and easier to do. Thanks again

  • I agree with all the other reviewers. This is perfect for doing biblical research. So many sites have scripture references, but don't bother with the hyperlinks. This is fantastic.

  • Great Add-On!

    The "BibleLinks" Add-On does the same job. But you have to manually choose to seek a passage.

    Another alternative is "Bible Tooltips" a Greasemonkey-Userscript that shows the bible verses in an pop-up.

  • Excellent add-on! A must have for all Christians, the Word is important. Another Bible add-on to add to my collection, great add-on for a great browser. RE: Evan Schimpf, I find that comment offensive, obviously does not suit you but still no need for prejudice is there?

  • Well done! It works exactly as stated. :)

  • Very nice Firefox addon. I use it when doing research for holybibletrivia.org

  • Amazing tool.

  • Wonderful tool! Transparently adds hyperlinks of referenced verse to online bibles. Almost every English version available. It does not override an existing link.
    Powerful study tool!

  • Very handy utility! I got SO tired of the tedium of copying and pasting scripture references from one site to a Bible one, that this add-on was like a God-send. :-)

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin. No fuss installation. Sensible default configuration. Useful configuration options.

    Still works under Fx3.0b4 (when extension compatibility checking is disabled).