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Version 1.31.1-signed.1-signed 42.4 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

FIX: Attribution showing up on all Google pages, not just processed search pages.

Version 1.30.1-signed.1-signed 42.4 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

1.30 -- Compatible with Firefox 3.1b3. CNG: Removed everything Amazon. FIX: Fixed Google layout issues. FIX: Fixed Yahoo! issues.

Version 1.23.1-signed.1-signed 45.2 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

FIX: Fixed Google layout issues.

Version 1.22.1-signed.1-signed 45.1 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

FIX: Google changed the HTML of the results page, BetterSearch didn't know what to do. It's working again, now.

Version 1.21.1-signed.1-signed 45.1 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

- Compatible with Firefox 3 and Flock 2 beta+. - FIX: Action icons are back. - FIX: Delicious support unbroken! It's glorious. - FIX: MSN/Live support works again. - FIX: Statusbar tooltip was showing the wrong version number. Silly thing. - FIX: Made some minor enhancements to Google URL normalisation. - FIX: Removed remnant code ("big icons" etc.). - CHG: Removed support for everything but Yahoo!, Google, MSN and Delicious. Sorry, don't have the time anymore to keep track of anything else.

Version 1.20.1-signed.1-signed 42.7 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

1.20: Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0.*) and Flock 1.2.

Version 1.19.1-signed.1-signed 42.8 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

- Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0b5pre).

- ADD: Compatible with Flock now.

- FIX: Thumbnails are back for Yahoo!.

- CHG: Prettier icons, courtesy of
- CHG: Removed option for big icons

- Minor under-the-hood changes to prepare for the next major version.

Version 1.18.1-signed.1-signed 40.1 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

1.18 -- FIX: Version string freak-up in 1.16a/1.17 caused the Firefox update notification to pop up with every browser start. The version string was changed (1.18), and that will fix that. Sorry for the mess. - FIX: Another Google HTML change, another BetterSearch Google layout adjustment!

Version 1.16.1-signed.1-signed 40.0 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

1.16: IMPORTANT: Extension website address has changed -- it's now. - CHG: not used anymore. Apparently, BetterSearch blew their servers away. (Sorry about that.) In the future, all images will be requested through so I have more control which services are used and will be able to react faster to stuff like that. - ADD: Attribution (text snippet) is pulled from the extension website at each browser start to allow me to act fast in case I need to switch thumbnail providers (server-side), which might require new/changed attribution. Should the need arise, I will be able to adjust the attribution text without distributing a new extension version. The attribution is pulled from and sanitized after loading (stripping out possible script code). - CHG: Some locale string names have been changed, nothing major, tho. - CHG: Small changes to sk-SK localization (thanks to Spikee over at!) - FIX: it-IT locale fixed. - FIX: Code cleanups to get rid of the mess that was caused in the "chaos" that ensued after blacklisted us.

Version 1.13.1-signed.1-signed 68.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

CHG: Removed all thumbnails and the related anonymization feature. Now using thumbnails instead. ADD: Support for Google personalized search. ADD: Localization Slovak (thanks to Spikee over at!). ADD: Added visible thumbnail service attribution to the bottom end of each search result page.

Version 1.12.1-signed.1-signed 38.4 kB Works with Firefox 0.9 and later

ADD: Localization Portuguese (Brazilian). ADD: Localization Traditional Chinese. FIX: Amazon links on were rendered unusable, fixed. FIX: Less redundant Yahoo! processing. FIX: Less redundant Google processing. FIX: Layout fixes for Yahoo!.

Version 1.10.1-signed.1-signed 34.3 kB Works with Firefox 0.9 and later

1.10, 2006-03-12: - ADD: Anonymization proxy can be changed via about:config now (extensions.bettersearch.prefixAnonProxy). - ADD: Support for (Ask Jeeves),, - CHG: Default anonymization proxy (for Alexa requests) is now, instead of - CHG: Fixed Alexa thumbnail problems (thanks to Dr. Sal for the help!). - Major code rewrites, resulting in speed improvements (try, you'll notice!). w00t!