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Version 1.23 38.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

FIX: Fixed Google layout issues.

Version 1.22 38.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

FIX: Google changed the HTML of the results page, BetterSearch didn't know what to do. It's working again, now.

Version 1.21 38.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

- Compatible with Firefox 3 and Flock 2 beta+. - FIX: Action icons are back. - FIX: Delicious support unbroken! It's glorious. - FIX: MSN/Live support works again. - FIX: Statusbar tooltip was showing the wrong version number. Silly thing. - FIX: Made some minor enhancements to Google URL normalisation. - FIX: Removed remnant code ("big icons" etc.). - CHG: Removed support for everything but Yahoo!, Google, MSN and Delicious. Sorry, don't have the time anymore to keep track of anything else.

Version 1.20 36.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

1.20: Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0.*) and Flock 1.2.

Version 1.19 36.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

- Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0b5pre).

- ADD: Compatible with Flock now.

- FIX: Thumbnails are back for Yahoo!.

- CHG: Prettier icons, courtesy of
- CHG: Removed option for big icons

- Minor under-the-hood changes to prepare for the next major version.

Version 1.18 34.8 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

1.18 -- FIX: Version string freak-up in 1.16a/1.17 caused the Firefox update notification to pop up with every browser start. The version string was changed (1.18), and that will fix that. Sorry for the mess. - FIX: Another Google HTML change, another BetterSearch Google layout adjustment!

Version 1.16 34.8 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

1.16: IMPORTANT: Extension website address has changed -- it's now. - CHG: not used anymore. Apparently, BetterSearch blew their servers away. (Sorry about that.) In the future, all images will be requested through so I have more control which services are used and will be able to react faster to stuff like that. - ADD: Attribution (text snippet) is pulled from the extension website at each browser start to allow me to act fast in case I need to switch thumbnail providers (server-side), which might require new/changed attribution. Should the need arise, I will be able to adjust the attribution text without distributing a new extension version. The attribution is pulled from and sanitized after loading (stripping out possible script code). - CHG: Some locale string names have been changed, nothing major, tho. - CHG: Small changes to sk-SK localization (thanks to Spikee over at!) - FIX: it-IT locale fixed. - FIX: Code cleanups to get rid of the mess that was caused in the "chaos" that ensued after blacklisted us.

Version 1.13 62.5 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 and later

CHG: Removed all thumbnails and the related anonymization feature. Now using thumbnails instead. ADD: Support for Google personalized search. ADD: Localization Slovak (thanks to Spikee over at!). ADD: Added visible thumbnail service attribution to the bottom end of each search result page.

Version 1.12 32.8 kB Works with Firefox 0.9 and later

ADD: Localization Portuguese (Brazilian). ADD: Localization Traditional Chinese. FIX: Amazon links on were rendered unusable, fixed. FIX: Less redundant Yahoo! processing. FIX: Less redundant Google processing. FIX: Layout fixes for Yahoo!.

Version 1.10 29.7 kB Works with Firefox 0.9 and later

1.10, 2006-03-12: - ADD: Anonymization proxy can be changed via about:config now (extensions.bettersearch.prefixAnonProxy). - ADD: Support for (Ask Jeeves),, - CHG: Default anonymization proxy (for Alexa requests) is now, instead of - CHG: Fixed Alexa thumbnail problems (thanks to Dr. Sal for the help!). - Major code rewrites, resulting in speed improvements (try, you'll notice!). w00t!