Full Hard Disk Scan & Automatic Search Options Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I don't seem to be able to make a hard disk scan. Since there is no button for it to start immediately, perhaps it relates only when doing a system Startup. But I can't discern any measurable disk activity at Startup. My C: partition is 30 Gig, with 13 Gig used. When the Startup disk activity ends, I wait 3 more minutes (just to be sure), but find that the list of cookies from the prior session is still the same - nothing removed.
Also, I don't understand the Automatic Search option; at first I thought it might be used to set the automatic search at Startup, but that type of option should display a check box (empty or checked).
When I check the box for Full Hard Disk Scan and immediately click on Automatic Search, a message first appears saying it will take a long time, then the FF does not respond (as the message warns) but the hard disk is busy only a few seconds and the earlier displayed cookies are still there.
Fortunately, I am able to remove the LSO's individually and all at once. But being uncertain about the previously mentioned issues, I'm a bit unsure if the displayed LSO list is complete. I went to a number of flash sights, one after the other, just to test, after which the program seemed to list all the LSO's (I didn't accurately count them all, so I'm not 100% certain).
Perhaps the interface can be improved, or additional documentaion made available (I read the "Long Description first.)
Thank you for this Add-On. It's good, but can be made better.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.22). 

The program...

...seems to work fine.
Explanation: The scan options are made only for the case if the root cookie folder is NOT found. There only exists one(!) root folder (at a specified place). Obviously the correct folder was already found in your case, otherwise not a single cookie would have been shown. So you can be pretty sure that all your cookies have been found and listed.
Sometimes there is no need to do a long scan and if you initiate such a scan though it may be aborted early.
All manual scans, as initiated by a click on 'Automatic search' are done immediately, not at startup. Also you should know that a scan never(!) removes the cookies, it's only purpose is to list them all. Cookies are removed on startup only and on the time intervals specified by your settings.
You could have contacted me (via the email address specified on my website) but you did not prefer that option though you had problems to handle the extension.