Dangerous for unexperienced users Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Very bad plugin. First of all, some flash cookies are good, exactly as regular cookies. E.g. flash games often store settings, saved games and high scores in flash cookies. So using this plugin means you will never again be able to save current game. Threfore, such plugin should include a mechanism to permit cookies by site (just like no-script does, for example).

But what is even worse, this add-on deletes all your flash cookies on first start, without asking! And that is totally wrong. So if you thought you will be able to use reject/permit system you will be double dissapointed, because when you notice you were wrong, you also already lost all your cookies. I would suggest the developer to carefully rethinh his idea.

To the developer:
Of course everyone should read what he installs, but you claim your add-on is targeted at unexperienced users. So you chose extremely lame line of defense against my accusation of preparing add-on that could easily break things for the said unexperienced user. That's one thing. And the second issue is you didn't address my main objection - that LSOs are sometimes useful and should be kept. Not for some delayed period managed globally, but on per-site basis. Your statement about "delayed deletion" feature shows you completely miss the point here and you don't even understand why your plugin is bad. And your "crime" is much bigger, because of your target, because the said unexperienced user is not warned he may lose valuable data by installing your plugin and that he will also lose some funcionalities on flash pages he will visit later on. Experienced user knows what he do and how to deal with such issues, but your "helpful" plugin may terribly mess up things for beginners you claim you care of.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.23). 


because if you could read, you would have known how the addon behaves: "...by silently removing those cookies on every browser start".
Also it was clearly said that "Better Privacy serves to protect against undeletable long-term cookies", meaning that it does not allow any storage over longer periods.
However, advanced delayed deletion can be configured as exclusive method.
Installing addons without carefully reading the description can be disappointing in any case.