80 reviews for this add-on
  • Either this extension does not work with the newest version, or YouTube has updated its service and it will not work.

  • Sounded nice but most options straight did not work for me.
    Show full description - didn't do it.
    Alternate Player - no change
    Youtube HD - the video I tested did have a HQ version but didn't look different

    Theatre mode sorta worked, the player got bigger but it mesed up the layout of the page so i didn't like it.

  • Great! Nice alt. player, keeps the About Video open if you like it that way, and a couple of other useful options. The Download function makes an .flv file, which not very useful really. ,mp4 or .avi would be much appreciated.

  • We kinda need to know that stuff before we decide whether or not we want to use your extension.

  • These Better Google extensions work great. Maybe make them all one Better Google extension? Hope to see thing get out of the sandbox soon