80 reviews for this add-on
  • Please update this add-on to work for firefox version 21... Thanks!
  • update this add-on to work with 19.0 mozilla firefox
    and please hurry
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  • i am using v14 and it is not available
  • Please update for FF 5.0
  • hi, this app should have an update to work with ff 4.0. i think this is a great app so please give this an update. thanks
  • I switched to vastly better alternatives a long time ago. I used greasemonkey and youtube ultimate HD for a while but due to the lack of development i recommend youtube enhancer for greasemonkey. It also has addons for chrome/firefox.
  • Why it doesnt work? It was good
  • Works fine!
  • Does not work. Flowplayer constantly stuck on "loading". Same with "download this video". Don't waste your time.
  • Gina Better YouTube needs to be updated regarding all the changes YouTube has done lately. I suggest a new feature, showing the shorten url (youtu.be) like Better Flickr does.
  • Disaster!
    YouTube pages have been unplayable for weeks and i've been searching all over unsuccessfully (until today) trying to figure out where the %(*!&^%! these endless "Loading FlowPlayer" messages have been coming from.

    Having found it in the prefs for this, i wouldn't have said anything if it weren't for the fact that on this very page it says it's compatible with FF 3.6, which is only true if you're not using FlowPlayer. Otherwise on YouTube you see the loading message forever.
  • Either I am stupid , either this addon only ads a download link under youtube videos , which is useless for me cause I use Download Helper
  • Use Greasemonkey and YouTube HD Ultimate both update.
  • The extension Better YouTube 0.4.3 last Updated was July 4, 2008

    What Better YouTube contain is userscript witch are more recent :
    - Youtube Alternate Video Player : Last update Dec 23, 2008
    - YouTube Download : Last update Dec 14, 2008
    - Youtube Theater : Last update Jun 30, 2008

    So prefer userscript than Better YouTube util it'll update.
  • Thank you for your sharing.!
  • Doesn't work.
  • None of these work anymore. Shouldn't bother downloading.
  • While the preview screen shows some great options, in FF 3.0.13 only YouTube Alternate Video player, YouTube Download and YouTube Theater are showing up.
    And the feature I was interested in is the Show Full Video Description one and the HD one.
    Will this be fixed? I remember this addon used to work OK before?
  • Apparently does not work with NoScript, (YouTube is allowed always on this pc) even when I allow the blocked video to play, nothing there but white space. Since the only reason I wanted this extension was to stop auto-play, will be uninstalling now.
  • @wwjoshdew - take a look at: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/49366
  • I used to use this all the time. On every firefox I have. But ever since YouTube started using WideScreen, this addon has been broken. Even on a fresh install of Firefox and this Addon, it still doesn't load the video at all. Please update this addon, or someone tell me of a greasemonkey script or addon that stops the auto play when trying to open several videos in several tabs.
  • Nice job, keep up the good work, Gina!

    Actually, yetsune did not claim that it was not updated for a year and a half. She said "almost half a year". Not to be rude, but YOU are the wrong one in this situation...

    Anyways, the addon is great! I've had no problems so far and I love YouTube now more than ever! Thank you!
  • I'm running this in firefox 3.5 beta 4 and it works fine after editing the rdf file. See directions at


    use wordpad to change the max version number to “3.5b4″ or whatever version of firefox you are running.

    I couldn't get the xpi file to download directly from firefox, so I went to this page, pasted the address into IE, and then was able to download it.

    Once having installed it, it is "okay" but I'm not a YouTube junkie. I have not tried substituting the video player, though.