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This is NOT a plugin. It is SPAM 4 'Flash Loder' web site, & 'Flow Player' software. 4 starters, Flow Player is commercial crap that is flash-based and thus NOT faster than flash. Second, it doesn't function! (vids don't play - if intermittent, that is no excuse). Install 'flashblock' & 'Gom Player' or MPC + FFDSHOW instead of this spam junk. Wish somebody would port GOM or the others so can play flash via those programs as plugin - takes NO CPU! Like with GOM set on DX9 Renderless (no overlay mixer) takes about 1-2% CPU 2 play full screen flash videos on 2Ghz PC, whereas same thing can take nearly all of it! Yes, this means (via the program not imbedded) U can play TEN simultaneous U-Tube vids, not just one :))

Flash is the most absurd bloatware player on Earth. Seriously - reminds me of Microsoft - really, Y use just 1-2% CPU when U can (Macromedia) hire a bunch of retards who can't get it 2 play with less than 70+% (!!!) WTF?!?! LOL!!