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  • this is great!
  • 點解無左第一個POST?
    依家一D 野都睇唔到
  • Your ext has kept me sane while playing around in HKG since back in the days of FF 2?/3 and love it.

    Have been using v1.0.7 with FF 9.0.1 with NO problem for sometime, until the recent changes in HKG, that is.

    Any chance of making the necessary tweaks to make it work properly again with the latest HKG forum format?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

    Problem disappeared, for now: forum admin reverted to old format. But who knows what's gonna happen next, and when?
  • ok
  • 請問巴到何時有upgrade埋support到FF8?
  • 多謝強大既Better HKGolden作者先!
    作者, 可唔可以加個係User名隔離寫注解既功能? 我想係人地個名隔離記低佢地個身份...例如 Admin, 記者, 5毛等等...
  • 可唔可以將廣告同公告分開
    有陣時想睇下admin up乜:)
  • F#大大幾時更新等佢冇咁食ram
  • 幾時出可以相容於 Firefox 4.0b1 版本?
  • Good stuff
  • very nice
  • it seems that addon has a ram leakage problem.
    highlighting specific user is a good function to be included.
  • great addon!
  • I just notice something was missed.

    The javascript function of the blocked list, which was written by Admin, didn't reload again after you fetched the next N topic pages.

    As an result, some blocked user can show off on page 2, 3, 4...etc except for the first page.

    I think the block user function should be launched again since you finished fetch further topics.aspx pages.

    The content view.aspx is petty good. Nothing happen.
  • it's great
  • good
  • great addon but always room for improvement!
  • good
  • nice script :D
  • 加油!! beat!!
  • Good Job!
    Waiting for auto-update!
  • 係高登admin作出任何改動之下快速地作出反應,並迅速給予使用者有關更新進度的資訊,希望盡早有自動更新
  • 冇左自動更新回覆
  • 希望自動更新
  • ADMIN 又改O野啦, stream reply一開就冇O野睇!!!