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  • Does not get upgraded to latest version of Firefox (54.0.1). This is a highly rated add-on, and I want to improve my Google Calendar. Please
  • Please upgrade so it can be used with Firefox 4. Thank you.
  • No. working!!. Needs update
  • Worked OK for a couple of months. But lately this add-on was causing an endless redirect loop when accessing Google Calendar. Uninstalled it and it works fine now.
  • Does not work as advertised.
  • A long time ago I realized that the "better __" series weren't updated very regularly at all (I doubt better youtube works now with the new youtube layout) so for google calendar I switched to greasemonkey scripts. If you miss hiding the header/sidebar (works with the new design in gcal) try out http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8507
  • Does not work with recent versions.
  • sort of a dud, wish i could give a higher rating, but could not get it to work, no change to calendar view, no nothing. using firefox 3.6
  • Try as I might I cannot get this to work. Neither on my MacBook or my HP Laptop. I wish it would!
  • There are a couple of things I really like about Better GCal. The text wrap is brilliant, it's invaluable,and is the main reason I'm keeping this add-on. What a difference to be to read your whole month at a glance! I also like the option to collapse the header and sidebar, which tidies up the screen. It's a subtle difference but it matters.

    What I don't like so much is that choosing the option to collapse the header and sidebar will switch your calendar view away from your Custom View, if you have one, to a built-in view. There's no way to select your Custom View after the header is collapsed. Also, I miss the Today button when I'm viewing another month. If those issues could be fixed, I'd give this addon 5 stars. Thanks for your work, it's appreciated.
  • Really missed Bettter GCal for the 2-3 months waiting for the update. Well worth the wait.
  • Thousand thanks updating for Firefox 3.6!! Keep up the good work!
  • Thousand thanks updating for Firefox 3.6!! Keep up the good work!
  • Yes, please, please adapt to Chrome. I've used this on Firefox and love it dearly but I'm switching browsers; I'd love to take this gem with me!
  • PLEASE PLEASE update soon for the latest Firefox 3.6!! Thanks for the great addon it has been a great help!!
  • Please work your magic for Chrome; this extension is the only thing holding me back from completely switching to Chrome!
  • Please update for latest Firefox release. I love all the Better... collections and miss this one dearly.
  • Worked great in the past. Now the the important feature "Week numbers" don't work. Please Gina, update this.
  • I only wanted the event wrap in the month calendar. That works. Sadly, however, events still do not wrap when one prints a month calendar (sob).
  • The author says she's updated it but most of the features don't work. That makes this add on completely worthless. If you need full screen calendars I found a Greasemonkey script called Fully Maximize Google Calendar with F12 Toggle that works.
  • Perfect Tool to enhance the appearance of GCal (that is a wee bit boring....unenhanced). Love it! Thanks!
  • This extension needs updating!

    Currently only 2 out of the 7 features work: Always use HTTPS and text wrap. Both of these are available as greasemonkey scripts on userscripts.org, so I'd recommend that.
  • Half way there.
  • Half way there.
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