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  • This addons saves me minutes on most days where if it were not available I would have to go into developer tools and delete the node that I thought belonged to the overlay - and got stuck with no content.
  • I use this all the time. I love it.
  • No cierra a tiempo todas las ventanas emergentes. Yo mismo cierro las ventanas más rápido que este complemento tan inútil.

    I believe addons can create keyboard shortcuts (and, additionally, FF allows me to manage them). With a keyboard shortcut, this addon would be much more useful. If I have to pick up the mouse to click your button, that is no easier than clicking (yes, sometimes hard to find) the popup close button.

  • 5 stars if we can close overlay directly in the page
  • One of those simple add ons that make the internet functional again.
  • This add-on does absolutely nothing for Firefox mobile
  • Works great for reading those articles from news outlets that complain about your usage of Adblock. Highly recommended!
  • very good app! romoved overlay for independent site too!
  • Great Add-On, works very well!

    Latest update certainly improved the icon visibility when using the Dark Theme but it would be even better if the color of the icon matched the color of the other default icons in the address bar when using the Dark Theme.
    Thanks for the feedback!

    This is a known issue and is due to the limitations that still present some aspects in the new way of developing add-ons for Firefox.

    I hope that this limitation can be resolved as soon as possible by Mozilla.

    Best regards.
  • Would be nice to get an icon for dark theme as well, right now I can't see the icon because it's dark like my theme.

    edit: Noice, I think it would be cool if the color matched with the Favorite icon tho!
  • good
  • Great add-on. Very useful. The icon is now in the actual address bar unlike the original "Behind the Overlay". Other than that, I really can't tell much difference between the two.

    One feature that I wish it did have is the ability to remember sites and ALWAYS remove overlays from a certain site. Some sites nag you constantly and it would be nice if the extension just remembered and blocked those overlays.
  • Works great on all the sites I came across. Removes the overlay that tells you to disable your adblocker so you can actually read the article.
  • Was going to use, but you state it needs no special permissions, however, when I go to install it it says it needs "browser tabs access"
    The original "Behind the Overlay" which I can still use, requires no special permissions.
    Sorry, but I can't trust someones add-on when they say the opposite of the truth.
  • GOOOD,,,,gooooood goooood,,,,ben ben propos
  • Super useful at times. Thank you for creating and sharing it!