Unnecessary tacky measures Rated 2 out of 5 stars

By adding a ridiculous number of opt-out cookies, this add-on makes useless other add-ons trying to fine tune the way you control the cookies in your system. After beef taco is done with it, your computer will be full of cookies (even if they are opt-out), and add-ons like Cookie Killer will have a hard time getting their way around. If you were trying to check in detail what cookies were being stored in your computer, forget all that if you add this.
Apart from that, there are other issues here:
-the opt-out cookies left by this add-on will also be removed as "normal" cookies, making them useless if you decide to clean your system.
-the opt-out cookies are only useful if the ad companies decide to actually respect them!
In order to avoid unwanted ads as well as tracking, I'd recommend Ghostery, the above-mentioned Cookie Killer, Cookie Monster or other similar extensions that you can actually control while learning, rather that filling your system with "pieces of taco". Although beef taco might be useful for lazy people or those who don't wish to know how things work.
Alas, after removing this extension, now the hard part comes trying to put order in the chaos left behind...