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For FF 6x, Vista x64 SP2, I noticed a lack of functionality that BT cookies added to exceptions (loaded ea time FF is started). If I choose "delete all cookies" of course it deletes BT's, too - generally not desired.

Is there a way to protect BT's cookies, when deleting other, so don't have to close / restart BT to reload it's cookies?
If there's nothing currently out there that would allow doing what I suggest, perhaps could include this as feature in future BT versions?

My reasoning is, if visited a # of sites (not in BT cookie list) & want to clear all those cookies, but DON'T want to manually del those sites' cookies, one by one, AND DON'T want to del cookies - close FF, then restart so BT cookies will reload, there's no way to protect BT cookies in current session - AFAIK.