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  • This used to be the best BBCode extension. And if you install FF Developer you can see it still works perfectly.

    Please update the version number and sign this!
  • I've been using an old, outdated version of this addon for a long time, and now with Firefox 48, it won't let it run because it's "not compatible". (When it worked perfectly fie with compatibility overriding enabled in FF 47.)

    Any chance of bumping up the version number?
  • Интересное расширение, только — Недоступно для Firefox 42.0, очень жаль
  • Отличное расширение. Мне нравится. Только изредка нужно его обновлять.
  • Шкода що цей інтересний додаток недоступний для Mozilla Firefox на Android пристрої.
  • Thanks to steveWeblin, now I can use it again for Firefox 16. Really need it for blogging. :)
  • Have updated addin to 28 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_CE2l4Osa3SdnpvaGxlQnQ5OGM/edit?usp=sharing
  • Great Add-On, Please Update!
  • Is there planned an update by the Owner? I loved to use it and an update would be really great!

    Thanks in advance!
  • It’s still works on Firefox 10.0.1, but you need to edit the file "extensions\{AE37D527-6604-461c-8102-975CF8053A2F}\install.rdf" (path to this extension).
    Tags to edit are , , where the numbers must be higher than the current version.
  • Update please!!!
  • I had almost given up hope on this excellent add-on, as the author didn't seem to have any interest in updating it. You don't know how grateful we all are now that someone has risen up and updated this add-on. Many thanks to you steveWeblin, 3x cheers for you !
  • First off, Sudowudo - thank you ever so much for updating this extension!

    BBCode is an essential addition to Firefox. It allows the user to quickly and effortlessly format text they are posting to a discussion board (using bbcode option) or writing simple HTML (using HTML option) for any purpose, such as advertising something for sale on Craigslist. It's a simple matter of selecting the text you want to format, right clicking and choosing the format you want to apply. This is a 5 star extension.

    Format [b]some[/b] bbcode for bold.
    Format some HTML for bold.

    You can also copy the location of a picture (jpg, gif, etc.) and then right click and choose the clipboard options to post a picture in your message.

    Here the word Links is hyperlinked:
    You can also post [url=https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bbcode/reviews/add]links[/url]
    Or in HTML it is like this for the word links:
    You can also post links in this manner.
  • Updated to work with Firefox 6, I set the max version to v9 so should be good for a few more versions.

    This is such a popular extension I cant understand why it hasn't been kept officially supported.
  • For the idl0t Grandpa Pete, who is not known that such with the program 7-zip, Hamster Free ZIP Archiver, FreeArc, etc.
    The link on working .xpi on firefox 5!
    Duplicate this link to the comments!!!
  • Many thanks Piluze but how about a Fx 5.0 BBCode update in xpi format as before? Present update is an rar file which apparently can't be unbundled using Windows or any available freeware utility!
  • Support Firefox 5.*
  • Thanks Sudowudo!!!
  • Thank you very much for updating. This plugin is essential. Greetings
  • Can't live without this extension. I hope it will be compatible with Firefox 4 soon. Had no issues until RC2.

  • Hard to live without this addon - would love a Firefox 4 version when you have time :)
  • Now,this addons don't support chinese,The menu item text can't display chinese words.
  • Can you make this addon can add more than 10 custum BBcode ? Thank! I need it, because my favorite need more than 10 hidden BBcode.
  • Answering my own question, sort of. I did it in the Custom Tags section, but would still like to see it in the Menu like some of the other tags.