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  • This get good reviews but it doesn't work one bit. I click and nothing happens. If I could give it 1/4 of a star I would
  • Oops, apparently another developer has taken over and produced Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9615
  • Please update! This is one of my favorite extensions.
  • Just like coolhands, all I get is 'Done- 0 images saved." Help is useless, as all it tels me is that I'm using Bazzacuda Image Saver in a way I'm not supposesd to. So I closed all windowa with multiple images; still no luck.

    It gets one star because I can't give it zero. Waste of my time.
  • Can we get an update for 3.6 please?

    As for the extension this rocks! One of the best extensions and one of the first ones I install.
  • The best add-on to save a bunch of images opened in invidivual tabs. It only lacks a keyboard shortcut to save one click.
  • very useful for selective downloading of higher amounts of pictures from galleries!

    thanx bazza for doing this!
    have a nice live afk ;)
  • Great concept.

    Corrupts a large percentage of images saved; so many as to be practically useless.

    Use Pterodactl instead.

  • This is a pretty sweet one... I use this with along with Flashgot, which rocks.

    Magpie 3.1 is out of date and I cant use it with this version of Firefox...

    I love these little things. they make life easy
  • Thank you very much for this add on, my friends recommended it. Works perfectly fine.
  • with ff at all
    I set base folder.
    Just says 0 images saved

    don't bother

    anyone know a programme that will download jpg images automatically off web pages?
  • This is a great addon, saved me ton of work. But since FF is up to 3.0.x, I cannot use this wonderful tool, I had to reinstall back to 2.0.x to keep using it, so could you please update it!

    Finally I couldn't wait any longer, I installed FF 3.0.1. And for people who need a tool just like this one, I have found another, it's called PTERODACTL. Basically it's the same thing, you can search the add-on page at FF website to find it.
  • I love this addon I'm gutted it's not working with 3.0.1 - please update it.
  • It works just great, I have some suggestions but I'll try to post them at the support section. Anyway it is a very nice software that worked perfectly until Firefox 3..
  • I am sorry for the comments I made below.

    After further research trying to solve "Unexpected Error -203", I found that it's Not this Bazzacuda Image Saver Extension that has caused it.

    To eliminate "Unexpected Error -203", Windows Firewall must be manually configured. Add all Firefox executables in the exclusions list.
  • Please do not install *Bazzacuda Image Saver 2.0* because I just found out that it causes "Unexpected Error -203" It INTERFERES with the Extension Manager Modules of Firefox.

    NOTE: Chrome List is harmless.
  • beautiful concept!

    saves tons of time... will now check for performance differences between this addon and a macro in imacros...

    should probably add an icon and screenshot to help increase downloads... adds a bit more polish to the addon...
  • What a time-saver from a tedious chore. Thank you!
  • I'd be eternally grateful if you upgraded it to work with Firefox 3 final. Although it will install, it is not functioning correctly.
  • There is an error when i try to use Ctrl+Alt+L to get the image if you could fix that would be sweet.
  • Can you please update this so that it works with Firefox 3.0. This is the most helpful add-on ever. I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks for all your hard work man. You make our lives easier.
  • My e-mail address should be working again now. It looks as if some of the .cgi? types of urls are being translated into invalid file names. If you would like to e-mail me some example urls I'll try and find some time to investigate and submit a fix.
  • I also have the problem reported by rob-sze: Image Saver 2.0 has suddenly stopped working... I've got the same configuration as rob-sze but the next version of Firefox,

    I do hope Bazza manages to fix this since up 'til now, this was an enormously helpful extension (the only one I'd found which would ease the pain of downloading from some CGI sites.) Pleeeeze Bazza.... :)
  • Cannot save images that have the same filename. Luckily I found a "Save Image in Folder" extension which allows you to save an image by performing a double-click on it, which worked fine for what I needed. These two could complement each other really nice.
  • I tried emailing the author of this program directly, but the email came back so I am posting that email here :

    Let me start by saying this is one of the MOST useful extensions ever written for Firefox!!!!! Fantastic job! This program has worked flawlessly in the past. I tried using it tonight and it keeps telling me "Done 0 images saved".

    I am trying to download some Star Trek CGI images to use a screensavers.

    Here is the link where the images are :


    Scroll down to Post #5. I middle clicked each thumbnail (this opens each image in a separate tab). I would then normally click on one of the new tabs which has an image and right click and then click "Save Images from tabs". In the past it has always worked, up to tonight??? I am running Windows XP SP2. Firefox is Version (just updated tonight thinking that might have something to do with it...not). I uninstalled your app and tried reinstalling it and restarting Firefox, but still no dice.

    This app was SUCH a time saver when trying to save multiple images.

    Thanks in advance,
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