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  • This addon is a waste of time.
  • This is an ESSENTIAL extension for downloading images! Just ctrl-click links to images and when you are ready, save all the images in tabs.
  • Very useful Add-on but the newer version seem to be a lot slower. I keep going back to v0.16 as that seems to be the quickest on FF3.0.x
  • It works fine in most of the pages, I have troubles making it work with pages that do not use .jpg images, but javascripts to show the images, such as "Pixiv.net"
  • Great extension. Very usefull.

    If done alerts would be optionals by a checkbox... it will perfect.

    Sorry for my english
  • Great!!! http://www.geocities.jp/konbu_firefox/addons/bazzacuda_image_saver-2.0-fx-mod33.xpi works in FF 3.5
  • Great to see Bazza's work get continued.

    I do have a problem with it though, in that it takes significantly longer for images to actually get saved in this addon than in the original. I used to just hit the option and then a second or two later all the images would be saved. Now I see a message saying "Bazzacuda is acquiring information on http://blahblah ..." for a while as it slowly, slowly steps through all my tabs before finally actually getting to the images.

    Can this be fixed? The addon shouldn't give a damn about any tabs that aren't images.
    Hello KDBA, and thanks for using bazzacuda image saver plus.
    I think I could fix the problem you've pointed out.
    Try again with new version and report me if the problem continues.
    Please note: if you enable "Close tabs of error pages(HTTP 404/403)", this slowdowns cannot be avoided(bazzacuda need to acquire HTTP status code of each tab)
  • Excellent to see someone pick up where the original project left off! Would like Firefox 3.5 support too!
  • You doing a really great job with updating original Bazzacuda.
    Thanks, , Konbu!
  • very nice that finally someone follows bazza's steps.

    something that got lost but was very useful:
    the ability to 'Save the Biggest Image within a HTML-Page starting from size X*Y' - this way one would also catch those images shown in a small html-encasing viewer (like on most gallery sites)

    for now you have to free those images from their html-cage with your browser-right-click-show-image, before using Bazzacuda ..
  • The most useful new feature (in my opinion) over the first version would be the ability to have several different destination folders. Now we can separate anyway we want.

    Excellent Work!!!
  • exactly what im after

    beats doing the "click > save as" 100 times when downloading a ton of pics

    excellent work

  • Greetings konbu. Great work on Bazzacuda Plus. I've altered my page for the original Bazzacuda to direct Firefox users here as I no longer have time to develop it. Keep up the good work. Regards, Bazza !
    It's a great pleasure to see you.
    Thank you for bringing me into contact with your wonderful time saver.
    I'll do my best to meet your expectations!
  • When I try and use it it pops up and says download complete. 0 images saved. Thought maybe it just needed a setting changed but the support section is in chinese so I can't understand support. Help!!!
    Hello Bane 34.
    I made a support page for English speaker.
    Could I hear details about your problem? Thanks in advance.
  • as good as the original. and most importantly ff3 compatible.

  • works great in ff 3, thanks