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  • Version 0.59 crashed on FF33, but Version 0.60 works again. That time I realized how convenient that tool is. Thank you konbu for your work!!!
  • Crashes every day since FF 33 upgrade :((
  • 0.59 was a good job... on the sites I tested it's functions it worked perfect (as several weeks before). Great work!
  • Add me to the bunch that were bitten by NS_BASE_STREAM_WOULD_BLOCK on FF32.0.3 and before that I could save via Bazzacuda 0.57 once. Next time I try, it will take a lot of time and then not save any images even if it say that they're saved (Sounds like this is related to cache store is null). Restarting FF with all the images open in tabs and then reload those tabs immediately lets me save another load. I'm using FF 32.0.3 with Bazzacuda 0.57 on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.10
  • This is a useful and convenient add-on. However, version 0.57 doesn't work for me (0.56 does). When I try to save images, I get errors, e.g. this one: "Component returned failure code: 0x80470007 (NS_BASE_STREAM_WOULD_BLOCK) [nsIBinaryInputStream.readBytes]". I've also encountered messages about "cacheStore is null". Could you fix that? Thanks!
  • Using Windows 8.1 pro now (browser is Pale Moon 24.4.1 [x64], same browser I used for this program on my old Win7 Ultimate), this program doesn't work anymore. Clicking the buttons does nothing. All the other image save from tabs add-ons I tried failed in one way or another (like closing ALL TABS EVER and not just the images, wtf?) Wish I could use this great add-on again.
  • Version 0.51 works fine. :)

    This is the best addon for firefox. THE BEST.
    Current official version, 0.50, has the bug you've pointed out. Please try 0.51(pending review) instead. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  • It's nice - but it would be even nicer if you could select a number of image tabs on the tab bar, and then have a tab context-menu option to download - and close - only those SELECTED image tabs - rather than ALL the right/left image tabs.

  • Great addon. A big timesaver.

    Btw, anyone knows how to use bazzacuda with imagebam links? Please add support for this site.
  • I often need to download images from webpages. I could use an image downloader tool; but in some cases, they don't work. So, I need to manually right-click, and load each image to a separate page, and save them individually.

    But with Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus, I no longer have to save them manually. I just let the tool run run, and it saves each image and closes its corresponding page for me. That's more than 50% of effort saved!

    If there is an add-on that keeps me from leaving Firefox, this is it. I've left Firefox several time before, but I keep coming back because of Bazzacuda. No other browser offers a similar feature!
  • Adding timestamp was one of the best things added to this addon!
  • Wonderfully useful addon. This is one of the examples of why Firefox is great.

    0.41 seems to run slow for me, though. It takes a long time to traverse every tab (I keep a large number in Panorama groups), while 0.40 does it instantly. Is this some regression? I am using Beta channel (8 at the moment) on Linux.
  • Amazing addon thanks konbu.When I browse to a folder I want to save several tabs of images it always takes me to my user folder and highlights it. How can I have it take me too a folder I want to save too instead of having to seek out the folder which is in a sub folder, in a sub folder within the user folder or even deeper in the user folder? I know I can add additional folders but I have hundreds of image folders and thats too many to add to the additional list. I'd rather have the browse too open the main image folder instead of the use folder. I am using windows 7 btw. Thanks...
    Thank you for suggestion. In 0.41, file picker selects a base folder by default.
  • Maybe I'm missing it but the option to save images to a new folder each time would be extremely useful.

    Good add-on so far, no problems getting it to work.
    Thanks for suggestion! Version 0.41 has this feature(see 'Save' tab in config dialog).
  • I'm posting here because I've run out of alternatives:

    1) http://konbu.crz.jp/addons/bazzacuda_image_saver_plus-0.38-fx.xpi (pre-release version?) goes to a 404.
    2) Attempting to use the contact form ( http://konbu.crz.jp/contact.php ) goes to a 501:
    "501 Protocol scheme 'https' is not supported(hld0TSZl)

    Please just post pre-release candidates here, if this is a pre-release. AMO has a system for distributing experimental versions.
    I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I'd been working to fix serious bugs found in 0.38. 0.39 is available now, but please be advised that it is not reviewed yet by AMO editors.
  • I have the latest version of Firefox and spent a long time getting this garbage to work.

    I just want to download all the images that I saved in my DeviantArt Favorites and all it says is NO IMAGES DOWNLOADED.
    Please see [More about this add-on]-[Got a popup message 'Done. No image was saved'? (failed to save images)] before you complain.

    All you have to do is import two entries and everything will go well.
  • Top notch add on!

    Changed rating, thanks for the help.
    bazzacuda icon is a pure toolbar button like reload button. so you can remove it easily. see this page for details: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/How%20to%20customize%20the%20toolbar
  • Absolutely loved this addon with FF4b6, but now with b7 i get an error of "document.getElementById("statusbar-dsiplay") is null"
    Please update this excellent addon!
  • Awesome !!!
    Extreme Time & Effort Saving,
  • EXACTLY what I was looking for!

    I use the commercial Bulk Image Downloader to grab picture galleries, and while it has very extensive support for tricky sites, it sometimes just cannot get the images from 'troublesome' ones (at least not without some research to tweak the support settings).

    This extension makes such sites easy to grab now, especially in combination with Snap Links Plus to open all the pics into tabs at once.
  • I obviously misunderstood the intention of this extension. I was looking for a way to grab the largest image associated to any thumbnail on any given page. Trying that here (http://www.simplemotor.com/) shows this doesn't do what I needed it to. I haven't tried it for the purpose it is intended for, because I keep too many tabs open at once to want to grab images that would be mostly unrelated to what I need. I only want to grab the enlarged image which the thumbnails point to. If that's what anyone else wants, this extension is likely not the extension you're looking for.

    Xavian-Anderson Macpherson
  • hi

    very good

    i have a wish :
    would be great to have an additional option that permit to use the adress of the webpage containing the image as part of the name.

    would be great

  • This is the only add-on that is keeping me from abandoning Firefox in favor of Chrome. That and the fact that Chrome crashes all the time.

    It would be great if it has an option to warn the user that it's saving an incomplete picture.
  • Yups.. It is a great addon for me as I am a heavy image downloader. It is sleek and saves images quickly. But I find problem while trying to save images from blogs. For example, you cant save an image from blogs of Blogger (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_EH7OLLQBtRc/S00ZRmdKs0I/AAAAAAAAE7g/XA7fQwC9WGI/s1600-h/leicax1.jpg).

    Hope you guys do come out with a solution to this problem.
    Hi Yazell.
    Blogspot(Blogger) uses HTML page to display enlarged images.
    Bazzacuda, by default, doesn't save images in such page to avoid undesired saving.

    To save images in blogspot, please use "SaveLargest" function.
    Perform a search for "blogspot" in the following site and you'll get what you need(instructions are in the top page):
  • Pas de soucis, ça fonctionne bien. Très pratique.