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  • Отличное дополнение!.. Было... Давайте дорабатывайте скорей! Сколько можно ждать? Хочу ваше дополнение!!! Поторопитесь!
  • I have been using it for a long time and it is great. I really hope you update the plugin so we can continue using it in 57+ Firefox version.
  • This was my go to app but all of a sudden it only saves one image at a time.
  • Still works as intended. But this addon will die when Firefox 57 will be released. Really need WebExtention port if it's possible.
  • Continually shows no image saved - useless!
  • This is a wonderful add-on, works perfectly and does exactly what it says it does!
  • This is easily one of my favorite addons but i disabled it recently because it's not compatible with multi-process. Will this addon be updated to be compatible with multi-process?
  • Absolutely indispensable add-on, great work!
    A couple of suggestions to make it really perfect:
    1) This one is really needed a lot:
    Currently tabs are cycled from left to right when saving images. There at least should be an option to cycle them from right to left, actually it probably should be the default behavior. Let me explain why it matters: I'm opening a lot of images by middle-clicking, in background, the most recent tabs appearing immediately to the right of current one (this is set via TMP), so the first images opened would be the "rightest". But tabs are cycled from left to right, so the first images that will be saved are the ones I opened most recently. I always want my images in folder sorted by name in the order I initially opened them, so to achieve that I'm using options "Rename duplicate images" and "Rename images even if their names don’t duplicate" with Rename pattern
    &YYYY;.&MM;.ⅅ-&hh;.&mm;.&ss;,&ms; &filename;&[;(&dupnum;)&];
    so they are later sorted in the folder by date/time of the moment of saving. Now they are saved from last to first, so they are sorted incorrectly in the folder, and it gets especially bad when I save groups of images several times in the same folder:
    it should be 1F-1M-1L 2F-2M-2L
    but now it is 1L-1M-1F 2L-2M-2F
    so even reversing sort order in folder won't restore the order they were initially opened.

    But this is easy to fix by reversing the direction that Bazzacuda cycles through tabs, making it from right to left. I've already done it in my copy of *.xpi:
    BazzacudaOverlay.js Line 2795:
    // save selected images
    for(var i = 0; i < targetTabArray.length; i++) {
    the last line should be replaced by
    for(var i = targetTabArray.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

    Of course, it would be much better if you implement it, since the add-on would be updateable and there won't be any problems with signing.

    2) Not as necessary, but desirable:
    The workaround with Rename pattern from p.1 to sort images in order they were saved is not very convenient - I have to batch rename images afterwards in ACDSee to the names 001, 002, 003 and so on. It would be great if Bazzacuda auto enumerated all images in this fashion, starting from the first ones opened (with or without appending original filename). I don't really need the date in filename, I just need them numbered from 1 to the last.

    Thank you for the add-on!
  • 20160506のfirefox46.0対応後、firefox42.0では画像を保存しようとするとブラウザがクラッシュするようになりました。ご対応いただけますようよろしくお願いいたします。環境 firefox42.0 win7 64bt
  • Непідписаний 0.62 працює з Firefox 46. Дякую!
    Unsigned 0.62 works great with Firefox 46. Thank you!
  • 早くアップデートしてください。
  • This is a wonderful add-on that I use almost daily. However, the newest FireFox update killed it. It says there was an update on May 2, but it hasn't fixed the issue for me.
  • great addon, but unfortunately, won't work after installation of FF46. Hope it will be updated.
  • Fx 46 removed javascript array comprehension, addon uses it in hash calculation function. Simple change and everything works again. Konbu, please update the add-on. Thanks in advance!
  • firefox update broke it
  • long time user and i love this addon but it is currently broken in firefox 46, will change rating once fixed.
    addon is now fixed and my rating has gone back to 5 stars
  • No context menu options, and with the plugin enabled there seems nowhere to find the existence of it except from addons page.
  • This is just perfect, works fine and very useful !
  • Nice add-on but won't work in Firefox 57+
    Here is a good replacement :
  • 便利すぎて思わず笑っちゃいました。これは文句無しに星5つです。
  • Max icon at Tab Appearance has failed, when I loading a image, I can't get bigger icon. I very much need this feature.
  • Bazzacudaをインストールしていると、大きい解像度の画像が「このファイルは壊れています」となって
    今はFirefox Portableの方に入れて、必要な時だけ使うようにしています。
  • Not available for Firefox 31.0 :(
  • No images saved each time. I had a look through the settings but I couldn't see anything that needed changing. It saves the largest image in each tab but nothing was saved.