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While I'm grateful for patching this add-on to work on FF8, I have to report a few major bugs. Actually, one exists from long ago.

- bug #1: when auto-unloading tabs (on timer), the "ghost" tab gets created one position *after* its original. This can be fixed by going into the code (prototypes.js) and removing the "+1" from line 230. (this was from long ago)

- bug #2: when auto-unloading tabs that reside in different groups (i.e. panorama groups), the new "ghost" tab gets created (or moved) in some unrelated group.

- bug #3: when auto-unloading tabs in other groups (other than the current one), sometimes after the unload, the current tab appears in (presumably) the group in which the last unload occured. Bringing up panorama and dismissing it again (without doing anything else), seems to rectify that problem. Apparently, the current tab isn't really moved to the 'other' group, it's just a display bug, where the add-on doesn't (properly?) switch back to the original group (or something).

Please, fix!

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Also, what happened to the "when switching to an unloaded tab" option?

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Come on, man... Firefox 4b10: even with the tweak "snenad" suggested, all tabs are unloaded but all titles are "New Tab"...