Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I recently discovered this addon and installed the non-compatible developers built in ff 11. I find this idea amazing and the best solution to ff's memory issues. Unfortunately the addon is not supported anymore and its not working as it should in the newer ff versions. If someone could take over the development of this addon I believe thousands of ff users would be happier.
I m reporting below 2 bugs I discovered which make this addon unusable hoping someone may be interested to take over this but also as a warning for those thinking to install it.
1. (Major bug). Moving a tab to a new (existing) window makes window/tab/bookmark/session managing impossible. This is the strangest bug I ever encountered with an addon. The moved tab takes the address of the 1st tab in the window where it moved, the page stays the same but the tab name changes to "new tab" and the adress changes to the adress of the first tab in the window. The tab cannot be refreshed/reloaded either by the toolbar button or F5, the tab address cannot be changed/edited/copied, the tab cannot be bookmarked or stored in a session. I 've lost tens of sessions because of this bug before figuring out what was happening (moving 10-20 or more tabs to a new window to save a session resulted in a session with only 1 tab stored from the new window).
2. (Minor bug). Chosing to re-open a previously closed tab opens the last 3 closed tabs instead of only the 1 selected.