BarTab 3.0 working perfectly with Firefox 8.0 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I went ahead and following Barleyman's instructions, compiled a version 3.0, available here:

13/11/11 Update: 200 people have downloaded the file in 2 days, wow cool. I activated Memory Fox and BarTab seems to combine together with it for maximum memory reduction. To Alexmonk - feel free to make your own .xpi from the github source code.

I installed it in FF 8.0, but after restarting saw no indication of it working at all. I tried several tests and still nothing. Then I went back and reinstalled version 2.0. The phantom tab problem showed up again, which makes it unusable. Then I tried installing version 3.0 once again, restarted and this time it works 100% completely perfect. Every option functions, tabs load automatically when you put focus on them. Most importantly, the single most reason to use the addon, automatic unloading of tabs is activated. I have it set to 1 minute and still no problems after restarting the browser.

Technical Notes:
The BarTab functionality works with 'tab groups' and unloads tabs even while in Panorama mode. If you will be using groups, then I suggest going in the options menu, and setting "When closing a tab:" to 'do nothing'. If you choose 'select the nearest loaded tab' instead, then the group you have open could auto shift focus to another tab-group once that other group's last tab is done unloading.

I saw an option to 'Always keep pages from these sites loaded' and using the right-click context menu option, it works at keeping Fast Dial and other local address-based tabs open. Other than that, I am going to try Memory Fox later, but I'll experiment with that on a separate FF install base.

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