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  • The day ununifying history for back & forward buttons in the dropdown list will be restored even through an addon,
    maybe this addon will have a real "potential" & interest. noun addon not supporting it anymore.

    Developer response

    Sorry, what?

  • Most important add-on I have.

  • Upon updating to v46.0 (or 46.0.1 - I'm not quite sure), the history items number got messed up.
    It works fine within the same session but when you restart the browser you only get the last 11.
    Not 10, not 15 (which is the default value), 11.
    Another incompatibility case with TabMixPlus? Who knows?
    Very, VERY frustrating!
    Firefox's developers are to blame of course.
    This add-on would be redundant if only they allowed tweaking the item number through about:config.
    If memory serves, it used to work that way in the past.

    Never mind V@no, I found the culprit - It was "browser.sessionstore.max_serialize_back".
    For some reason (Did I accidentally reset it? I don't think so) it went back to its default value, 10.
    The moment I set it to "-1", the problem vanished :)
    More info on the subject @ https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1057730

    “All's well that ends well”

    Developer response

    Can't reproduce it, must be conflict with other addons then.

  • No matter how I fuck with options, I see only URL.
    FF 44.0.2
    Looks like it's conflicting with TabMixPlus!

    PS Few more bugs - no icons with pull down, no current icon.

    Developer response


    Icons shows just fine, current site icon NEVER showed even without this addon.

    If you find something wrong with the addon use the provided support website/email.

  • 5 stars for the core functionality. -1 star for the popup that shows no matter what i'm doing - watching a movie, playing a game, you name it. It's not that important for me to know that this addon has been updated! This option should not be on by default unless it can somehow avoid full-screen activities (which I doubt is possible).

    Developer response

    Changes log page always had an option to disable it showing after each update.
    Since v1.2 the default setting is to show a notification popup instead of opening a new tab and also can be controlled within addon's options page.

  • Hi,
    With this v.1.2, right click on Firefox back/forward buttons no longer shows history dropdown menu in FF 38.6.1 (ESR).
    Quite useful addon however, deserves 5 stars.

  • You can easily review any past pages while browsing manga and gallery on the internet.

  • Great extension. Plays nice with NoUn Buttons.

    Highly recommended!

  • Greatly needed add-on. After using it, it will make you wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • Is this going to be updated? especially to work with tabmix plus? Thanks. I really want to use this but doesn't work with tmp.

    Developer response

    It was working fine on my test profiles and main profile.
    Anyhow the new version should have better support for tabmixplus.

  • This is a first class and useful extension and I have seen a good few extensions in my time with Firefox and have even done a few myself. Very well done, V@no


  • Its stupid that it shows the same page multiple times. :@
    Once I reload page it adds it in history again, when I close and that reopen the tab it add it again, so it gets spammed a lot.

    I will attach a picture if needed.

    Developer response

    And how is this related to the addon, not to mention in review section?
    If you have issues with addon and/or suggestions, there is contact information provided

  • I had to go back and drop the rating after an initial 4 star rating. After using it for a while it really didn't give accurate histories at all. Since I always surf with many tabs open it also confused them instead of giving the individual history of each tab. My main use for it would have been to find key pages on galleries and even that didn't work.

    Maybe it can be fixed to give accurate histories- but until then it isn't ready.

    ** Edit** I will see if I can email you and see if a solution can be found. If one can naturally I will delete this review and give it a good one.

    Developer response

    I'm using it myself on my main browser where I keep about 70 tabs open at all times. Some tabs have over 500 item in the history and I've never ever experienced anything you've described. Perhaps it's a conflict with other extension in your browser.
    Facebook for example manipulates history when you browsing gallery, when it closes picture overlay it automatically jumps to the beginning of the history, leaving all photos that you just watched in the "forward" history.

    Perhaps you should've contacted the author with a bug report before giving bad rating...

  • Excellent! Left-click load item in the current tab, middle-click load item in a new tab.
    It would be perfect if the right-click on an item could just close the list.

  • Работает , о Да!!

  • EXCELLENT !!! This was missing for a long time ! Thank you very VERY much !!!!

  • Simply brilliant.