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  • É o melhor dicionario disponível. Eu tenho o meu e gostaria de utilizar no firefox.
  • I will miss this addon :(
  • This is just great, genial, super useful!!! Unfortunately it seems that is not longer supported by the new Firefox Quantum :-(
  • A classic and most unique and thus, most useful extension!
  • This can't function with e10s enabled. Which is already the case for small fraction of users on stable. Soon it'll be enabled for everyone.
    It's a shame, I liked this. But I can't use it ever since I set FF to use multiple proccesses. (a year or two now.)
  • The best add on for me so far, it also has wikipedia and others integrated and you can configure a simple double-dick instead of using the annoying context-menu!!! Simply great!
  • I use this extension all the time to get word definitions - it's a great help.
    One recent hassle is that the icon size appears enormous compared to others. For interest, I have one other extension which also suffers from a huge icon: "GKeep Panel".
  • On FF43 the toolbar icon is huge -- messes up the UI
  • Thanks a lot for this add-on. I use everyday so I gladly give it 5 stars.

    There are a few things lacking, some already mentioned here, specially an option to invoke it just pointing to the word (mouse hover, no clicking nor selecting) while pressing a key (like Ctrl). That would make it usable with clickable words.

    Also, a disable/enable switch toolbar button would be nice.

    But the thing I mostly need is a way to configure a bigger font size. Due to my monitor settings, I have to do zoom the entire screen to be able to read it.
  • Thanks for an excelent tool. I use it all the time.
    The only thing I miss is that it work with Norwegain words also.
  • Babylon works like a charm. Thank you.
  • Thank you for this very useful tool. Using it daily.
  • This add-on was presented by Addictive Tips as means to have your PC read various documents to you...in entirety. Thought that might cut down on some tired eyes. NOT the case. Babylon sits in task tray running until needed, and then when text was correctly identified and prompted, one garbled statement was briefly played back. If I must put the time and effort into a "handy" ac·cou·tre·ment, and still remain baffled - zero worth.

    Uninstalling the software, RevoPro unloaded more crap files, toolbars, and excess, that I was actually surprised.
  • Add Arabic please. Thank you.
  • Very complete for single word translation
  • Very useful, only I can't seem to find a way to translate words that are clickable (eg a word in a title of a newpaper article), because if I double-click them I am just redirected.
  • Fast, efficient, un-intrusive. I love it.
    Note: Supports translating FROM Arabic (from any language), not yet TO Arabic.
    It'd be great if this feature would be added as @AD187 said.
  • great.support arabic please.
  • I must say it is useful..not going to any other links..just a pop up comes up with a great info of the selected text...hoping to continue to impress...keep up ur work ...thanks....
  • Nice extension. It helps a lot for such foreign language learner like me.
  • English to Arabic support Please!
  • I am so glad this add-on is back; I use it every day while reading English and translating to French.
    A must-have.
  • Very useful. It would be interesting to have a more universal use of it that it can be activated by middle mouse click on any program like doc, txt, rtf, pdf files.
  • VERY good product, but only works up to Thunderbird 6.x.

    Needs to be tweaked for use in TB 7.

    Developer response

    Hi. Thanks for your review.
    I have updated the compatibility for Thunderbird 8.* .
    I hope this helps you.

  • great great job.
    thanks for this master piece.
    hope Arabic support very soon.
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