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  • Still waiting for the update! :-)

  • How's that appending approval going?

  • the best theme I've ever used, too bad it doesn't work for FF 3.6... I'm looking forward to Azerty IV! thanks for a really great work!

  • Yeah.. this is the best Firefox theme I know of. Please update to 3.6!

  • This is the best theme. Please keep it updated with the latest version of Firefox. I shall be grateful.

  • After realizing there wasn't an Azerty for 3.6 yet I downgraded from it to 3.5 just to keep the theme! Please make the next version soon, it is the only one I ever use!

  • This is the BEST theme. Please update for Firefox 3.6.

  • Would be lovely if I could use this theme for Firefox 3.6.

  • Could you make a quick update for it to work with FF 3.6? Thanks

  • Hi, Please make an UpDate for Firefox 3.6! Thank You!

  • Please Update For Firefox 3.6

  • I confirm missing "add new page" and an error on the window that comes up when firefox finds updates for a component: the Install button has two series of icons, one in colors and one in grayscale

  • http://www.mediafire.com/file/zimbmj2m25j/azerty_iii-4.0.2-fx.jar

    IF you choose to save the file, to install, just open the Add-Ons window ( from the Tools --> Add-Ons ) and go to the Themes tab and drag and drop the jar into the window ...

    Restart and enjoy the "New Tabs" button ...

  • Ok, the theme is working again "officially". But where is the skin of "Add new page" button on the "Pages bar"?

  • It's great to see Azerty on my FF again.

  • I'm so happy it's back, but is it just me, or is version 4.0.2 way darker than it used to be? Looks kinda weird over here..the tab bar is bright though.. and there's this white stripe just below the title bar? Something strange is happening.

  • @eloerbe:

    To install a theme to FF using a file from your desktop, just open FF > Tools > Add-ons > Install > Browse it using "All files" types to your file > Click Open then click Install > DONE!

  • For use this theme on Firefox 3.5.1 use playboy instruction then use FEBE and restore Azerty III 4.0.1 modded theme

  • I have made what playboy6006 said and it has worked perfect!! Now i Have azerty on firefox 3.5.1... Thank you very much!!!

  • @playboy

    I've got done what you said but how do I install a theme to FF without going through the website (and using a file from my desktop?)

  • @elosrebe, KirtappatriK & IndyShox:
    To make this addon working on FF3.5 is just simple. Rename the "AzertyIII{4.0.1}.jar" file of this addon to "AzertyIII{4.0.1}.rar" then open it using WinRar. Extract the install.rdf file,open it with Notepad then modify this line:
    3.0.* to a new value as:
    Then save it and add this file back into the rar file. Rename it back to "AzertyIII{4.0.1}.jar" then install it to FF >>> Tadahhh! You've made it!

  • I too cry myself to sleep each night dreaming of the day when there will be Azerty III support for FF3.5.

    I have nearly downgraded in my depression. Please please! Add support.

  • I too just wanted to say.. Please upgrade this so we can use it with 3.5! I cry myself to sleep cause I miss it so.

  • Love that it's out for FF 3.5.1, but this theme kills the "open a new tab button", which I've come to really like. A few other themes have done this as well. Any workaround? Otherwise, glad that it's back!

  • Please update for FF 3.5. I love your theme, but it won't work any more with the new update.