Tool misalignment Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I'm having the same problem as "The Prodigal Son" (March 16, 2011) --- that is, the tools don't line up with the cursor! At least, not always... it depends on the website. Many sites ( and are a couple) are "zoomed out" by Awesome Screenshot --- there are gray fabric-looking sidebars on both sides and, in some cases, on the bottom (, sometimes). Other sites (like, for example) don't get zoomed (no sidebars) --- everything lines up fine on those sites.

The offset of the cursor (when sidebars exist) is equal to the width of one sidebar. The offset is such that the cursor is to the left of the figure you are drawing by one sidebar's width.

In all cases, the Awesome Screenshot toolbar appears to be cut off on the bottom so that the lower half of the Awesome Screenshot button (that takes you to their web site) is not visible.

Another note: There should be a "Window Snapshot" tool that takes a pic of the entire visible contents of given window (minus tool bars, tabs, cursor, status bars, and scroll bars) with a single click.

The Firefox Add-Ons page says that Awesome Screenshot works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0* (not sure what the * is referring to though), However, if you go to the Awesome Screenshot website, it says that it is available for Chrome and Safari 5.0.1, with Firefox support coming soon.

I'm using Firefox 4.0 on Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3

Overall a nice plug-in, but could use some refinement.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (