Weird... I Don't Like It. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Surprised to see so many positive reviews here! Hmmmm....

Anyway... when I installed it (FF4/Win7/64) the cursor did not line up with where the actions were taking place on the screen.There is seemingly no way to use it without that ugly button (similar addons have a dialogue in the right-click menu so you don't have to see an ugly icon on your screen all day)... I know this is a small thing -but I like a clean, uncluttered look to my browser/desktop... and it's always nice to have the option to hide the icon and activate the screenshot (or whatever) via a hotkey or some other means (such as integrating it with the right-click menu).

There are no options/preferences for me to adjust whatsoever. When you press the icon, it opens a new tab for itself and the 'Awesome Screenshot' graphic/logo on the top left is misaligned and the bottom half of it is cut off by the active edit page itself.

The cursor alignment glitch is the worst problem though.I'll be sticking w/ Fireshot. Your logo/icon is more attractive than theirs... but I'd still like to be able to hide it until I need it.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

1. 【Drag and drop the extension icon to other places.】 The new firefox addon SDK doesn't support drag and drop feature yet. The addon team is working on it and once this feature is available, we will integrate it in all our addons. Thanks for your patience.
2. We will provide an option to hide extension icon and add an option in right click menu in the next version.

3. The alignment issue: Could you send an screenshot to developer {@}