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  • hi, when is this going to be updated to support FF 29.0. this used to be my favorite theme as i could use other persona's with it and it was really personalized.
  • I love this theme. Thanks, it's great! :)
  • CE thème est super, merci.
  • This theme is simply unique, I used it ever since I discovered it. I would be pleased if there will be an update for FF 14.
  • Could you please update it for Firefox 14.0.1 :)
  • so shine,love this themes!thx dear :)
  • Very colourful and fun theme. Can you tell me the name of the persona used in the anime screenshot?
  • The theme is nice and it works well. : ) Because of your screen shot I started work on reducing the size of my Blue Fox theme as much as possible. : ) One more thing.I'm trying to help people with self-hosted and Amo-hosted themes get their creations more popular.I've added links on my website to homepages of 34 theme developers.I've added yours as well.I hope you don't mind. : ) Here's a link http://firefoxthemes.hostei.com/mthemes.html .Keep up the good work.The theme is nice. : )
    Thanks Jivko! I'm really excited that you're reducing the size of your themes as well, I'm glad I spurred you on to do that :-) Your philosophy in making themes seems to be similar to mine, so we're brothers in that regard! I will make sure to update my graphic when the new version of blue fox is released. I think (and i'm sure you'll agree) that the long-term survival of firefox themes is dependent on their performance. Mozilla wants everyone to adopt personas because they're light-weight, but they're just not the same, and themes remain quite popular. If theme developers like you and I can be encouraged to make our themes more lightweight, without sacrificing the visuals, then I think we might just have the power to change Mozilla's mind. You've got quite a nice list of themes going there, by the way, and I like your new site ;-)
  • Looking forward to AvantGarde Nightlife for FF4 as I have just upgraded to FF4 :-)
    There used to be different variants of AvantGarde, they had different colored backgrounds. They will not return, since AvantGarde 5 onwards can now be used with Personas, which means an unlimited number of colours and backgrounds are possible.
  • Nice and clean! Plus it didn't slow down my FF4. Install it now and you won't be sorry!
  • I too, love the AvantGarde theme (purple was my fave too!) Guess I will have to wait patiently til FF gets out of beta to have a theme other than the default one. The visual aspect is so pleasing to the eye, and the functionality is superb. You really do beautiful work and it is very much appreciated. And it would be really awesome if FF made AvantGarde the default theme!
  • I just got a new computer and came to download my favorite firefox themes, only to find they are gone. :( Please bring back all the other color versions of this theme, I love the purple one the most. Thanks for suck a colorful beautiful theme.
  • The first theme I use, and I'm so happy and lucky that it's THE theme to use for Firefox 4 beta. Your theme has allow to me minimize my bars as much as possible while still retaining its basic functions. Not only is your theme functional, it is fashionable. You have a very good eye at choosing colors and design. Firefox should make your theme its default theme. =)

    I look forward to your Persona+ update. Thank you for creating this. ^_^V
  • Thank you, love this theme it really brightens up my browser, very nice looking, good job!
  • Thanks mate!!
  • very good, nice and clear
  • Bright & colorful, But not too much that One cannot look.
  • Buagus banget aq suka terima kasih ya
  • It's very eye-catching and cheerfully bright. Absolutely 'not-boring'! Thanks!
  • i really like this add-on a lot, but i would LOVE IT if i could use my personas with the kickass buttons and other awesome goodies! can you make that happen oh wise programing guru?!
  • I love this theme. I have tried several in the past that looked good in preview, but once I installed them, they just didn't look so hot. This one is great- bright and colorful but not overwhelming, and the icons are great. I am using the ColorfulTabs plug-in as well.
  • Thanks rob !
    i love this one..
  • Exceptional theme. Thank you.
    Power to you.
  • I love this! good job and thank you!
  • makasih yah...atas temanya...saya sangat menyukai ini...terimakasih...