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  • Uuhhh
  • とてもいいアドオンなんだけど、自動読込してほしくないサイトの登録が設定画面での手入力のみでcopy&pasteにさえ対応していないので尋常ではない面倒臭さ。
  • Used to work on almost every site. Now it does not work at all... Please fix this!!
  • Not working in 90%websites
    Unlike uc browser that preload all website
  • I'd like to use it with tagpacker.com. It doesn't work. I didn't see where it does work.
    @Snap123 There's a way to configure it, go in the addon options, and add exclude patterns. But I'd like to configure it to have a white list and include tagpacker!
  • Works pretty well considering there is no way to configure it, but there needs to be a way to add sites to the blacklist more easily, since it can makes sites unreadable
  • On one website with a Twitter feed embedded, this would convert the feed into one long box that jumped the website around as the Twitter feed changed pages every 10 seconds.
    Otherwise, good.
  • Hi, many thanks for this useful extension! However setting third-party-cookies to "never" breaks the extension. Tested on Firefox Quantum 60.0 (32-bit) with a new firefox profile.
  • Firefox上不好用
  • good
  • Great plugin, faster and more efficient (and less complicated) than AutoPager, but it doesn't work on all sites.

    I have issues on gelbooru.org where it doesn't load images on autopaged pages, which makes it useless unfortunately (and AutoPager stopped working completely on that site, so I'm a sadpanda).

  • I love this addon, But is disappointed after finding not working with Nightly Builds. Cannot stay without this addon. Please update.
  • This add-on does works, as it load up continuously and it's compatible with FF 53. Simply the best as no configuration is needed.
  • In some pages with a selection preference (like http://www.furaffinity.net) it doesn´t keep the selection and other pages (like http://www.deviantart.com/) doesn´t load all the image in the next pages (after the first one)
  • When using it on Google and on the "shopping" tab, images only show up on page one. There are no images on page two, three, four, five, etc. You have to completely disable the add-on to get the images back which makes the shopping tab useless.

    This add-on would be perfect once this is fixed.
  • finally ! a replacement for autopager !!!
  • I've been wanting exactly this feature in Firefox for so long that I gave up looking for it and have been dealing with the frustration, tried this out today and I'm facepalming so hard that I didn't install this ages ago!
  • Very useful!
  • thank you sooo much for this addon very helpful and i hope for more pages in the future........5 stars!
  • Excellent addon that suddenly and inexplicably decided to stop working, and no amount of removing and reinstalling can fix the problem. It doesn't even appear in the right click menu any more.
  • But still works incorrectly at some pages. Please place an button on toolbar or somewhere so that it could be easy to disable temporarily. Thank you.
  • Chrome AutoPagerize works on Amazon, but Firefox AutoPagerize does not