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  • If you are updated to Firefox Quantum, please using PageZipper instead.
  • Для тех кто хочет пользоваться дополнением на Firefox 57+:
    Ставим tampermonkey, заходим на сайт greasyfork.org и устанавливаем скрипт "AutoPagerize [Modified by BladeMight]".
  • this plugin has generated a microsoft alert message. I could not access firefox anymore. It should be suppressed from firefox
  • Almost entirely destroys my Firefox 41.0
    A few years ago, it was the most clever and useful add-on, and definitely one of my favorite add-on...
    Since Fx 19.0 it started to fade away, didn't work well anymore...
    Later didn't work anymore with newer Fx versions.
    Tried it again about every 6 or 8 monthes, because I missed its great functionality, yet didn't work.
    This is my last try :
    my adress bar disappeared
    the personnal bar disappeared too,
    and so forth...
    Couldn't even restaured Fx through personalisation :
    personalisation page was empty !
    Had to temporarily deactivate all add-ons to be able to fix the problem !
    This must be my forth or fifth review ;
    it will be my last one about it !
    Absolute zero !!!
    Really so sorry... (:-
    For infos : Space next add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/space-next/) does the trick, not so fast, not so cleverly, but at least it works all the time...
  • <日本語>

    ツール名 成功数 / 調査サイト数
    AutoPager (add-on) 36 / 78
    AutoPagerize 0.0.66 (user script) 3 / 78
    AutoPagerize 0.9.15 (add-on) 27 / 78

    環境:Windows 7, Firefox 24

    なお、AutoPager であれば、初期状態で自動ページ結合していなくても、自分でルールを作成すればいいだけです。つまり、そもそも初期状態の成功確率は無視してかまいません。

    ただし、AutoPager は頻繁に不具合が発生します。時々 動作しなかったり、逆に「無効」にしているサイトで勝手に動作したりします。これは主に「複数のタブで複数のサイトを同時に開く場合」または「Firefox または ネットワークの負荷が重い場合」に発生しやすいようです。これらの不具合が発生した場合には、該当ウィンドウを更新すると正常に戻ります。一方、AutoPagerize は不具合を発生しません。よって、安定性と成功率は、AutoPagerize のほうが優秀です。

    更に、 AutoPager は、 Firefox 起動時などに、 頻繁に teesoft.info と通信します。 これは作者のサイトです。
    具体例: http://rep.teesoft.info/autopager/patterns/?approvedOnly=0&version=
    通信じたいは迷惑では ありませんが、 通信する必要がない以上、 不安になります。 更に、 2017年現在では、 この作者のサイトは閉鎖されています。 つまり、 通信じたいは完全に無駄な処理です。 また、 このソフトウェアには、 通信しない、 という設定が存在しません。

    以上の理由から、 私は AutoPager を削除しました。 AutoPagerize があるため、 ほとんどの機能は補ってくれます。 AutoPager の機能自体が優秀であることには かわりありませんので、 点数は 100点から変更しません。


    This add-on "AutoPager" is an add-on that can link some pages in a site automatically. When you look a site having some pages, you must click a button like "next" to move the next page each time. If you install this add-on, you do not have to click any "next" buttons.

    Some sites cannot link automatically. If you meet such cases, you can create automatic paging rules by yourself. The author's site shows how to create.

    By the way, there is a similar add-on called "AutoPagerize". But, AutoPager is more excellent. A relative experiment is showed as follows.

    Tool Name Success Sites / Investigation Sites
    AutoPager (add-on) 36 / 78
    AutoPagerize 0.0.66 (user script) 3 / 78
    AutoPagerize 0.9.15 (add-on) 27 / 78

    Environment: Windows 7, Firefox 24

    First of all, AutoPager equips the great additional function that you can add your own rules. So the probability can improve by yourself.

    However, AutoPager frequently causes many malfunctions. AutoPager sometimes does not link pages. On the contrary, sometimes sites set to "invalid" work like "valid". These malfunctions frequently happen in cases like "when two or more tabs open simultaneously" or "when Firefox or network is busy". If you have these malfunctions, you can refresh the window for resolving the malfunction.

    Thus, AutoPager and AutoPagerize have merits and demerits respectively. So, you can choose them whether these add-ons work better or not, in your favorite sites.
  • Please, update for firefox 53. Was very useful.
  • Send informations to clck1013.com
    18.01.2017 09.05.36;Une adresse Internet à risque a été bloquée.;
    Adresse Internet;L'adresse Internet figure dans la base des adresses Internet malveillantes.;Firefox;01/18/2017 09:05:36
  • Недоступно для Firefox 47.0
  • please up support firefox 45
  • brilliant, although it doesn't always work and sometimes creates issues
  • I miss this and i liked this on my old FF can you update this/ I really liked this add-on it was on of my favorite.This works for other browsers
    Please and Thank You
  • AutoPager doesn't working on newer firefox versions
  • Was a great addon, maybe abandoned , but usable i think.
    It was the most advanced tool about autopagerize the wed.
    Problem, if you want test it:
    It is yet impossible to install it from AMO (button doesn't work, why i don't know).
    Solution :
    You can download / install it by using its links (found by Firebug) :

  • Super module. Je recommande
  • I absolutely LOVE the Autopager plugin for the past 3 years. I can't live/surf without it!

    It was working this afternoon, but now it's not. I'm using FireFox 38.0.1 on my Mac Mavericks. Can someone please fix AP again?

    Thank you!!!
  • It was the greatest plugin but...
  • It´s a great Add-on. I would extremely Miss It!
    Please update it
  • not working anymore since 3 month...whats going on for the future??
  • nice
  • Like the title says, it just doesn't work. Nothing. Useless.
  • Both the standard and the "fixed" AutoPagers do not work right on Google search results. The page looks terrible. Please fix!
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/autopager-fixed/

    If you find it not working in the latest version.

    Install it, go to add ons disable previous version and then yee hah!!

    Working again!!
  • Not working while I'm in 36.
    I'm using Autopagerize in the mean time.
    Thanks for the work.
  • Firefox36では今まで自動で次ページが読み込まれていたWebサイトで動作しなくなりました。
  • To get AutoPager Fixed for Firefox 36 just click the browser addressbar and APPEND "-fixed" without quotes AT THE END of the url after "autopager" so that it'll read "autopager-fixed" without quotes. Hit the Enter key. Install the fixed addon. DISABLE THE OLD NON-WORKING AutoPager addon. Restart Firefox. Done!