Like it Rated 3 out of 5 stars

it says auto-save but still pops up with the 'save' window..i'm guessing this is a security, double check implementation?

thank you very much for the inbuilt tutorial of sorts. if not for that, i wouldn't even know where to start^^;;i'm still struggling on the 'wildcard' thing though^^;;

also love the the 'recently used/saved in' feature. just wondering.. if you add two filters for the same thing; ie .zip files in two different directories, would it give you the option of both or sticks to the latest one created?

...does anyone know if there is an addon that does this for bookmarks too?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9.3). 


It's not an auto save add-on, but an "automatically select the good saving folder". Though, If you set the option to auto-accept the save dialog, it will act as if it is an auto-save, but the dialog will still show briefly.

I tried to explain how to create filters and gave examples the best I could (some examples are maybe difficult to understand though, as I'm not fluent in english to explain correctly).
I guess option's explanation are missing and needed now, I will add them on the main website, and add a faq too, after 1.0 release.

The filters are verified from top to bottom, so If you create more than one filter for the same thing, this is the first one which will be used.