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  • Not really what I wanted. I wanted to prefill forms on ALL websites. Not just the single page.
  • Maybe I'm missing something. It seems this only works when you return to the same page. That's useless! Other form fillers I've used fill in standard fields (name, address, email, . . .) on ANY page.
  • This is the ALMOST perfect add-on! Easy to use.

    BUT if there was a way that saved entries would be deleted each time, it would be a 100% perfect.
  • Hi, This tool is easy to use. I hope to increase the input options (simplify the table). For example, a form space needs to enter a few fixed answers. "Please fill in the blanks in the following box. There are 2 fixed options for the response. {alpha.beta.etc.)."
  • I love this add-on. I was using FireForm on v56.0 and learning it didn't work on Quantum, I delayed upgrading for over six months! Had I known this add on existed, I would have updated sooner! It is wonderful - better than FireForm and so simple to use. It's more robust, fills in more blanks on my forms (I enter over 250 sweepstakes per day!) and is so automatic. Wonderful.
  • Hello, This is really excellent tool. I wish to give 4.5 for this tool. But, I do not want to discourage peoples with this creative minds. So, I have rated this 5/5 ( The reason for thinking to 4.5 is it do not allow to edit the fields/form variables. or add new stuffs.)
    Thank you!
    P.S. You can tune each field individually - edit and save, load or clear its data by right click menu.
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  • Best ? Proud =
  • Zatial je to super!
  • Md
  • Love
  • It says that my phone doesn't support this app !
  • Good
  • considering new laptop to minty cash-is
  • Good
  • ok
  • tai app ngon nhat
  • Good one
  • Not bad. Ui is a little clunky
  • Good
  • I'm trying to add another and it won't sync and even though I have an email in that account from this site it's telling me it doesn't know this email and it keeps telling me my password is wrong even after I've reset it 3 times
  • Very good
  • I'm very happy with it0
  • Funktioniert nicht mit Googlemail : - (
    mit allen anderen Feldern geht es - Top
    Wo werden die Form Dateien gespeichert - für Updates
    Vielen Dank für das Addon

    No Funktion with Googlemail : - (
    with the other Passwort Form is no problem
    Wher is the Path for the Form Data - for Updates
    Thank You for this Addon
    Thank you very much for your contribution!
    Problem with Gmail fixed in 0.615 version, update addon please.