148 reviews
  • Cant get it to work. instruction in simple language would be handy . used to work but now WOFTAM
  • it is removed again and again from toolbar what is this solve it ......
  • I just realized i have had this extension for several years, and it works like total shit. It does't remember my passwords- besides 2 or 3. I have been typing in all of my passwords for years, and i got frustrated tonight and decided to leave an accurate review of my experiences with this add on. Choose something else for your passwords! I mean, that is the SOLE purpose of this add on and it doens't work-= WTF??
  • No idea how this is supposed to work. Tried to add my library card ID. Added a rule under the default profile. Used the context menu on my libraries login page but it doesn't do anything. Useless and no manual. Uninstalled.
  • This is a VERY handy tool !
  • Works fine if you set the rules right. Highly adjustable, but Yes it could be easier to use or at least a detailed description.But it DOES work if you spend some time trying!
  • Yes, it does work just fine. You have to spend a little time to understand how to setup your profile(s). All those single stars are unfair.
  • Sehr schlecht. Funktioniert nicht. Sehr unübersichtlich. Nur ein billiger abklatsch vom originalen. Sehr schade.
  • Works brilliantly, extremely customizable with multiple profiles and ability to extend to new sites with field rules. Would quite like keyboard shortcuts to do the filling, but otherwise love it.