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  • How can I set the autocopy context menu to the default firefox context menu? Can this addon save more clipboards?

  • This add-on is very useful, but...

    A question for developer: you say that I can turn off stas from opion panel... but I don't see this opition. Any direction, please?
    A question for users: I have vers. 1.0.2 yet and I don't install new version. Do you think that this version too has spyware stats?

  • You realize that providing a program that auto-copies text and having an option that allegedly sends anonymous statistics somewhere makes people worried right?
    Your privacy policy says you gather info about all the websites we visit and all the search terms we make. Why do you need this info? How does knowing the websites we visit and especially the searches we make help improve the function of this add-on?
    This is no doubt a useful extension but the privacy issues are troubling. I think it would make all of us feel better if you got rid of this statistics gathering option.

  • thanks for the update, looks like a new group of developers are working on this add-on now. you guys are doing a good job and hope you can keep this add-on updated. I have a problem - how to change the "Search For" option from using Google? How do i use Yahoo search or another search engine.? I have changed my browser default search engine from Google to another search engine. But AutoCopy still uses Google. Please let us know how to make this change.thanks.

    Developer response

    thank you for noticing that we are working on it :-)
    Yes it is true, we want to make this add-on as good as possible.
    We are currently uploading few bug fixes but in the next version there should be some variety of default search providers.

    We have launched recently a new Add-on called Search it which will allow you to search highlighted texts on the context menu on various providers and you can even add a provider.
    It has not been reviewed yet but it will be soon.
    Stay tuned.
    Wips.com team

  • I love this add-on because it makes copying so much faster, and I do a lot of that. Will be contacting, though, because I have the same problem another reviewer had, in that after the last update, I lose formatting when I just highlight to copy.

  • have been using this addon for a long time, very useful, simple and to the point; does what it promises.

    my firefox addon was updated (I don't know how) to version 1.0.4, which has a bug: it does not copy the formatting of the text.
    I downloaded again version 1.0.2 and it is working fine again!
    I don't use Chrome because it does not have this addon!
    keep up the good work.

  • Great extension.It's makes browsing much easily!

  • The add on is excellent. Use everyday. It can be better too if add a "send-link" call in the pop menu. This is very useful for firefox user sending the copied contents to friends. :>

  • With my FF v13.0.1 it's working exactly as it should. Double click (set on the wheel on my mouse) pastes nicely. Thanks!!

  • Doesn't work with FF 13?!

  • doesnt work with FF 13.0.1

  • Thank you.

  • Hi. A bug within FF12: Text is copied out of textfields even thou this is not checked in the options.

  • I love this addon, makes cut and paste almost effortless. My only complaint is that I keep highlighting things in other applications and then realizing that it didn't auto-copy. Need it for the OS. :)

  • Very nice add-on but FF 13.0 has 2 problems. AutoCopy context menu drop down is transparent and also since FF 13.0, "Search For" is opening in new tab [which is o.k] but FF is switching to new tab immediately. How to stop the switch to new tab. I even unchecked the "switch to new tab" in FF-> Tools-> Options-> Tabs. But the switch still happens. Anyone else have this prob? any solutions? thanks.

  • Must have. Thx.

  • Very nice, thanks.

    Would be great if we could have the "Send to Notepad" functioning in the now defunct Send To http://mfe.gorgias.de/#sendto

    Would save even more time! :-)

    I've not found an working Addon yet that can send selected text to Notepad.

  • Отвратительно работает...через раз. И это уже с десятое поколение Firefox.

  • Simply indispensable, thank you!

  • First addon I add when I install Firefox, extremely useful and efficient, thanks!!

  • Finally switched back to Autocopy original. Autocopy 2 simply didn't work for me. I'm glad that Autocopy now works with FF10!

  • This is a nice add-on. It does what it is supposed to, it has the few options really necessary, it can be switched on and off as needed. Like it very much!

  • This add-on works great except for when you visit sites like Google Docs. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a spreadsheet cell and having it autocopy the cell contents before you've actually highlighted the content. If this add-on had a blacklist it'd be a 5 star add-on. Hell, I might even donate too!

  • Any chance RTE bug will be fixed at any time?

  • Please update AutoCopy to work with the latest Thunderbird releases.

    Continues to work great in Firefox and would love to have it for TB too!