Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great add-on, and works for 99% of what I need it to do, so I still give it 5 stars. However, I have just stumbled upon something (and others may already know this)... it will not copy bulleted text (text enclosed in <li></li> HTML Tags).

For example, here on the AutoCopy 2 page, all text under "About this Add-on" can be copied, except the text preceded by a bullet. I stumbled across this on this site, funnystatus.com, as it was driving me nuts as to why I couldn't copy Facebook statuses from there (and I could in the past). Then I realized I could copy any text on that page as long as it wasn't bulleted (and all of the statuses are). I have found that if I enable the option "Copy automatically in text boxes", I can then copy bulleted text. However, I'd rather not enable that option (especially since having it enabled won't let me paste an address into the address bar, but instead copies the existing one).

Is there any way around this and allow the copying of bulleted text (short of using Ctrl-C, which is what I've had to do on the above mentioned site, but 9 times out of 10 I forget to do it, and when I get back to Facebook, I'm not pasting what I was expecting to paste.)

Still love the add-on. Keep up the great work!

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