73 reviews for this add-on
  • Ok, I can't use Firefox without this add on, so until there is an update here, there will be no update there.
  • Need to fix for Firefox 57. Please fix for FF59 or make analog.



    PRETTY PLEASE !!!!!!!
  • Dodatek jest super użyteczny. Niestety nie działa na nowej wersji Firefox.

    Czy może Pan przekonwertować AutoCopy 2 i Copy Plain Text 2 do nowej wersji?
  • It makes my life simple on the internet. I do not know how I can do when I'm forced to use Firefox Quantum.
  • update please
  • Leszek, pleeeeeeze update Autocopy 2 and Copy Plain Text 2 to work with FF 57. A talented person like yourself can do it without much difficulty. Please? We need it. Thank you!!
  • Genial.
    MUY MAL!!!
  • Simple, efficient, invaluable.
  • it does not work on Firefox 57. I had to install Copy On Select https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/copy-on-select/
    But, thanks for your efforts. It used to work great and I hope you will fix it because I am worried about one of the permissions of Copy On Select: "Access your data for all websites". So, 5 stars for the good work when it worked.
  • This was an indespensible add-on for me. Simple and effective.
    Now it doesn't work at all, and isn't apparently going to be fixed.
  • Really great and useful add-on.

    Works very well, except when you set browser.tabs.remote.force-enable to true to use multi-threaded tabs.

    That needs to be fixed ASAP!

    Only 4 stars because of that.
  • I really like this addon but with my latest reinstall of Firefox it doesn't work with Google anymore. Every time I am on a Google search page the extension's toolbar icon turns from green to red. I don't have a clue as to why this is happening.

    Ok, I figured it out. Somehow Google.com got added to the blacklist for this extension. I must have accidentally hit a key combination that added. Probably a bad idea to have a shortcut like that for this extension.
  • Please make this good addon compatible for e10s.
  • need update
  • Nothing else to say - it works with v51.
    Copy on select and paste on middle click. It's great.
  • I used to use this addon a lot; I even felt addicted to it. However, since it has quit working with e10s, I have nicely readjusted to the old way and it's working nicely.

    I was looking at prefs.js and saw all the custom settings for autocopy and came here to see if there was any update. Since it appears to have been abandoned, I will now go to about:config and reset all the user set entries for this so it will go away completely. ;-(
  • Such a wonderful add on but apparently, Firefox 50 broke it. I got it to work again by moving the icon to the toolbar but it broke again and I cannot get it to work again. It works great with Chrome.
    Are e10s the end of this awesome add-on?
  • I didn't know how much I needed this until I found it.
  • Please add multiprocess support
  • Hi, can you add possibility to assign "Paste" on the right mouse button, but not on the middle?
  • I'm using for years. thanks.
    using icon flashes when the copy is success, quik and small so hard to see that. see copy was fail when im try to paste, in future hope sound comes when copy success
  • Works for me
  • Doesn't work with E10s. Please fit it. FF48
  • Please update