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  • Bloody good. Being able to use firefox like IE6 for work pages is a godsend.
  • the add-on need to update to fix bug. It got the bug when firefox version58 come out, This bug is fixed. But it still got bug when firefox version 59 come out, the bug not yet fixed.
  • Great add-on. I think there is a bug in firefox (when we switch server on the same host on different port, it disconnect the previous session and make the login pop-up reappear each time). This add-on is a good workaround.

    But it needs some improvements to be perfect. Can you add something (email, website, the blog of the previous developer) so we can contact you to report bugs or suggest improvements?

    Edit: thanks for doing that
  • Brutal bug..
    If you have the same DNS (ip) and login on different ports, with different username and pass, then your plugin totally blocking access to second and above login to page.
    x.x.x.x:8000 with user:bla; pass bla -> working
    x.x.x.x:8001 with user:bla1; pass bla1 -> can not login apsolutlly on page, the request for login do not comes out!
    x.x.x.x:8002 with user:bla2; pass bla2 -> can not login apsolutlly on page, the request for login do not comes out!
    and so on..
    If I disable plugin or close the firefox in same moment the windows with login pop-up.
    Should be fixed with 3.0.1
  • Worked exactly as advertised, no more simple auths for me, thank you Steffan for taking over!
  • > I am stopping development and support for AutoAuth.
    Does any alternatives exists? Can we do same thing via WebExtensions API?
  • Works fine with simple http auth methods
  • The user before me installed this addon. And he type his login/password.

    Now, when I write my login/massword I can see BASIC http auth again and again. Reinstall plugin, but bug is again.

    Cookie deleted.

    How to do work addon? Thanks.
  • tried with a htdigest simple auth site and it did nothing
  • tried 3 sites and none worked.
  • it seems that https Support lacks.
  • Thanks Christopher Finke for great job.But would be super with blacklist/whitlist function (for multi-gmail accout like cases for instance)
  • I am very happy with this plugin. There are only two features missing:
    1) Stop retry if error passwort is invalid.
    2) Button to change the user for the authenticated site.
  • Awesome. Does exacly what I wanted and stops me having to hit repeated OK buttons to autorise access to internal works website.
  • Great addon for basic auth pages. Would be 5 star if bad-password detection would be implemented. Just stopping after 3 tries would be sufficient.
  • Love this addon but not working for me in FF5 :-(
  • I love addon not trying to be everything, it simple and it work. I got some proxies and ftp servers to work with everyday, and auth is very annoying. Great job!
  • Hi,
    I find this very useful and using this from couple of years. yesterday i have upgraded to FF5 & found this addon is not compatible.
    please make this work with FF5.

  • Pour moi, ça ne marche pas, ni avec Firefox 4 ni avec Firefox 3.6… vraiment dommage…

    To me it does not work with Firefox nor 4 nor with Firefox 3.6 ... a pity ...
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • It doesn't work for me (I'm using the latest Fx nightly).
    The add-on has no settings and does nothing, please fix it or write a guide of how to use it.
  • I added some code to allow a user to select if you have multiple accounts for one site, however I were some problems that did not know how to solve, I would send you the code for your review and if possible correct it and include in a new version.
    Errors could not be resolved:
    When you open the tab the first time the way I capture the url does not guarantee the url right the first time, when you do reload of the page is resolved.
    Filter pressing Alt allows you to select a new user, however, fails on the first attempt where you press Alt, you have to wait another attempt to do so.
  • Works great with Firefox 3.6.8 so far. The only thing, which is probably some kind of "security feature" by Firefox is, that it won't work with HTTPS. I took a quick look at the source code but couldn't find the flaw.
  • This extension works on Thunderbird, but you have to hack it to get it to install. Please add TB support by default!
  • Thanks for this great addon

    A suggestion: make it work for form based authentication too
    (eg.in the site here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/users/login )