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  • A great add-on, very similar to the old Sortplaces which I really missed.
    Just one thing - Recently Bookmarked is now at the bottom of my sidebar list - how to get it back to the top?
  • Great add-on :)
    How about a most recent visit option and maybe a sort now button
    More details:
    auto-sort bookmark 3.4
    I am wanting to auto sort in bookmarks not in the bookmark library (two different places)
    If you are talking within auto-sort bookmark the last visited is not an option ...
    for that matter there is no sort now button available in auto-sort bookmark options
    There is a sort now button (click on add-on icon, then "sort" button to sort now). There's an option to sort by last visit already. If you mean something different then post a feature request on the support site.
  • Very useful extension which works well. Please consider removing browsing history permission.
    Yes, there's a feature request for that in queue.
  • Thanks Eric, I'm also a fan of Auto-Sort Bookmarks.
    Glad to hear that. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    A reminder to everyone else, if you have problems then please use the support site. I probably won't get to it quickly, but I will eventually, so your patience is appreciated.

  • I have been using this one for years and still do so. Does what it says, provides clear and reasonable personalization - and never messed up my bookmarks, just to have that mentioned.
    That's great!

    For anyone having corruption problems, Firefox provides a backup/restore feature for bookmarks. Also, report the bug to the support site and I'll likely ask you some follow-up questions so I can try to debug the problem. One thing you might try is disabling the built-in or add-on sync feature.