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84 reviews for this add-on
  • This was so awesome! Please make a new Version for FF57!

  • simply did exactly that; reloaded the tab whenever i focused on it. brilliant. than you for your service. sorry to hear that it's no longer compatible. good luck.

  • Будет ли поддержка FF Quantum?

  • bitcoin

  • well done

  • This addon was great while it lasted!

    I created a Firefox 57 compatible replacement:

  • Incredibly useful extention for web designer.
    but firefox 57 did this extention "legacy"
    please, update this asap.

  • Excellent module qui permet de ne faire le rafraichissement d'onglet que si le fichier html a été modifié.
    Bien que vu en tant qu'obsolete par firefox 56, le module est activé et fonctionne parfaitement.
    Avec firefox 57 (quantum), ça se gate car le module est désactivé autoritairement, c'est bien dommage .
    J'espère que Yuril adaptera son module selon les nouveaux critères de Mozilla .

  • Отличное расширение, которого очень не хватает в Firefox Developer Edition (Firefox Quantum)
    Планируется ли поддержка FDE?
    Спасибо автору

  • In DEV environnement this is indispensable

  • This used to be a great extension, very useful for web development. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with recent firefox versions...

  • Very powerful extension!
    Are you work on a new version for FF 57+ ?
    Is it possible to take a look to the source code somewhere ?

  • As you can see, this extension do the job and do it well ! It perfectly fit my needs as a newcomer in webdev who loves vim.
    Thanks !

  • Just great. I hope a new version will be compatible with WebExtensions! If not, forget me FF 57+


  • Fantastic add-on for firefox, but too sad it does not support multiprocess window.

  • Best addon

  • THE reason i use FF for development

  • After losing all motivation on GWD's (everything) and Adobe's ridiculously greedy subscriptions and program crashes, this + notepad++ gave it back.

  • Work perfectly on Firefox 50.0

    Now, I'm using Firefox instead of Chromium because this extension.

    Thanks you!!!

  • It installs but won't work on FF 49.0.1.
    It also won't save Filters preferences, stuck to "\.(html|css|js)$" default value.

    Developer response

    It does not work this way. Entering pattern in "Filter Files" and clicking OK selects matching files under "And this local files change" list so they can be reviewed and "Remove"-ed. It is not saved anywhere else.

  • 3 times it install restart FF and nothing in the end - install me again.

  • right ? no refresh on 47.0.1

  • You should create this app also for google chrome.

  • Vimperator user here,
    I have disabled navigation bar so not to be able to access preferences from tools tab in menu is relly disappointing

  • I never thought of searching for something like that and only found it when a collegaue showed me a handcrafted solution for that scenario and I got curious. First tests show this add-on is promising!

    Noticed two things, though: 1. The icon is just wide enough not to fit into a row in the menu behind the hamburger icon. 2. One can't reach the settings from there - this should be an entry in the icon's dropdown :)