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  • خیلی خوب
  • Great little add-on - just works..
  • Awesome
  • cumple con lo que necesito, eso la hace exelente.
  • Exactly the way it as to be. Just perfect!
  • Nice and easy. No bull$h!te.
  • Addon with several limits:
    * Reload is per URL only, not per tab. That means the reload will stop if you switch link in the tab.
    * There is no way to set a custom refresh interval.

    There are other addons which have more features than this.
  • Hi there, great work on the add-on; one of the best I've used for its functionality and ease of use! However, I came across issues when trying to use it on my Android tablet: a Samsung Tab Active LTE SM-T365 running Firefox for Android v66.0.2.

    When I select the time interval to reload and return to my tab, nothing happens at all. However, from the triple-dot dropdown menu, I can sere that the add-on is running.

    Any ideas why this might be occurring? Feel free to let me know if there's any more info I can provide to help troubleshoot this. Thanks for your time!
  • THE BEST OF ANY TAB RELOADER ! The only one that can restore your list of tabs to reload and reload them after restart ! I tried all addons, and only this one works perfectly ! Thank you so much !
  • too bad a little symbol doesn't show in each tab to say i am working.
  • Works flawlessly. Well done !
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