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I so need this extension. But it's not compatible with FF 3.6.9, and also you should add a sort of timer, like I want to close a 6PM... It would be awesome for lazy guys like me who waste paid time at work:D. Keep up the good work ! Thanks in advance

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Could we adjust the five minutes to an hour ? now that would be useful. Or to make it close after a set amount of inactivity?

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No FF3 version

We have moved to FF3 and cannot use your extension. ETA on FF3 version?

has potential Rated 2 out of 5 stars

would be more useful if you could manually set a time to close either a tab or the entire browser. im testing w/ firefox 3.0.1.

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Самое оно для БАШа :)

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E seu quiser fechar o Firefox depois de 10 minutos? Não se pode escolher o números de minutos?