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  • I must be like one of the only people to switch to Pale Moon/Waterfox and *then* miss Australis. I love Pale Moon, but I love Australis just as much as the classic Firefox theme. Still, to each his/her own.
  • Enough is enough, and.... Hello Pale Moon!
  • Update this to firefox 45.0
  • This needs to end. NOW!!
    It's the main reason why I switched to PaleMoon, amongst a ton of other reasons.
  • As I'm sure many have already remarked, "I DON"T WANT CHROME!" That's all you're accomplishing here, the unmitigated homogenization of internet browsers.

    I mean, Australis is a clear example of "change for change's sake." Whatever advantage is gained by the new interface is offset by far by the reduced functionality of Australis. And, yes, dear fanbois, it IS reduced functionality.

    This reminds me of nothing so much as attempts to "improve" the "interface" of automobiles. It's been proven that driving car with something resembling a joystick is possible, but not at all desirable. Same thing for using tillers, accelerator levers, center-placed driver seats, etc~

    Development needs to be about evolution with something like an internet browser; this is no place for wholesale off-the-wall changes.

    Do we really have to move to SeaMonkey or KMeleon or Konqueror to retain a decent and functional browser? If I wanted a chrome-based browser, I'd use Chrome. Firefox had always been vastly superior to Chrome, but someone's been drinking the Kool Aid just a little TOO much. What the hell do I care if the browser acid test is a percent better or if javascript loads a fraction of a second faster. It reminds me of people who judge their operating systems by how fast they boot up--well, that's simply useless for anyone who is sophisticated enough to not need to keep booting their OS, so it's a false and meaningless benchmark.

    My advice for using the Australis interface in the future--in ANY capacity is this: No. Just NO.
  • The Status Bar was removed?..
    But the status bar is for an information output and for a status displaying, not for buttons!
  • I'm not sure who the moron(s) was/were at Mozilla that thought it'd be a good idea to "simplify" via Australis what was already an easy-to-use, functioning interface, but they need to be handed their heads.

    The Mozilla install that came with an upgrade install of XUBUNTU 12.04 doesn't have so much a SEARCH BAR (kind of critical in a web browser, I'd say). Nor is it readily apparent in the laughably-titled "Classic Theme Restorer" how to get it back.

    Some numbnuts at Mozilla really fornicated the canine on this "improvement." AUSTRALIS SUCKS.
  • And blows coconut oil.
  • This is the most terrible thing Mozilla could do to firefox. As a computer shop we won't install firefox on our new computers for the future. We don't want to sell computers with a terrible chrome clone. So from now on we'll take IE, activate the menu bar there and that's enough.

    Classic theme restorer is nice but the usability is still terrible. If there are two windows opened, and eg in one I disable menu bar (to watch video streams "always on top"), the menu bar is also gone in the other window. Classic theme restorer can't help with all miserable changes.

    Mozilla, go home. From now on I'll stay on FF 28 on my computer and will not install FF on any clients computer anymore.

    This update is unbelievable bad and has nothing to do with good development.

    In Germany, we say:

    Setzen, sechs.

    Enough said.
  • Mozilla deserves to go BANKRUPT NOW!
  • Who came up with the terrible idea of putting this in Firefox 29 and replacing the default, functional and convenient interface?

    This is not "more customizable", it is LESS! It's unnecessarily restrictive and on top of that as ugly as Google's Chrome crippled interface.
  • yeah this is a terrible ui, mozilla pls reverse this and give us our good old firefox 28 theme back.
  • Great, so this is the reason why my Firefox looks like a complete turd.

    I don't want a bloody Chrome clone!
  • Worst thing that ever happened to Firefox.
  • Background tabs are now indistinguishable from unloaded tabs. Very impractical if you'd like to unload tabs to save memory.
    Also curved tabs are ugly and waste precious screen space because they are more padded.
  • no thank you for creating a inflexible chrome clone that's now going to take over firefox. two thumbs down.

    thank you to aris for creating the the antidote to this awful UI (classic theme restorer).
  • It's great it works in Firefox 25 but it's a little wonky here and there, can we get an fully working update for this one for newest Firefox version?
  • non avevo letto. il tema è stato abbandonato poichè è comparso in nightly la versione ufficiale del tema di mozilaa.
  • Firefox 23, please!
  • Das Thema ist weit davon entfernt, so wie auf den Fotos auszusehen, wenn man TabMixPlus installiert hat.Bei dem aktiven Tab liegt dann der runde Reiter über dem (noch sichtbaren) eckigen. Das gleiche trifft auf die nicht aktiven Tabs zu, wenn man mit der Maus drüberfährt. Sieht total unprofessionell aus.
  • Il tema Australis mi piace molto ma servirebbe un update per renderlo compatibile anche con le versioni di FF successive.
  • Der Entwickler interessiert sich einen Scheißdreck dieses Design weiter upzudaten. Deswegen nur noch einen Stern. Design ist nicht mit FF 22 kompatibel!
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/australis/versions/ .
    nightly UX builds don't allow me to do this http://i.imgur.com/sScuTn6.jpg
  • Any chance of making this compatible for Firefox 21 and up? Thanks!!
  • One of my favorite add-on!! But in version 2.5, the symbols right in the download window from Firefox 20 are not visible.