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  • Muchas Gracias! Muyor y Equipo de Github & Mozilla, ¡Fantastico!
  • Съедает оперативную память, напрочь
  • On some websites, videos stop playing after installing this
  • Does NOT work with Spotify.com

    Am I doing something wrong?
    I have the "Enable" box check-marked in the extension, refreshed the Spotify webplayer page, changed the eq, and absolutely no difference in sound...
  • Not compatible with Video Speed Controller.
  • Bug: it blocks videos from being displayed on other websites, such as reddit.
  • Getting "No video with supported format and MIME type found" error and unable to play video on some sites.
  • A MIO AVVISO PESSIMO, SOLO IN MODALITa techno si sente leggermente meglio.
  • Unable to play videos on steampowered.com
  • good
  • It works great but after a long process I realized this add-on stopped twitch clips from working. Couldn't create them couldn't watch them, just a black screen. I removed it and the problem stopped. I re-installed it and the problem came back.
  • its doing its job, has some nice little features but WHERE IS THE ON OFF BUTTON for joshua's sake? will deinstall again
  • i am leaving 1 star only for now. as soon as they fix this bug I will leave it a 5 star review for sure.
    when I enable this add-on it works fine with youtube music. but somehow my radio streaming website stops working.
    as soon as I disable the Audio Equalizer then the radio works again.
    this may be fixable somehow i guess
    i am using radio-garden website for listening to the radio.
  • Practical and really appreciable, especially when using Youtube as radio player (and coupled with Invidition ;) )

    I had to stop using it as it made it impossible to change playspeed in every video player... I preferred to remove the addon instead of fixing it.
    Still cool tho.