74 reviews
  • Might be worthwhile, if only I can add it to my browser!!!
  • Works great, please add a dark theme
  • Great idea, just didn't pick up audio streams. Keep working on it though, It would be good program if is works
  • Would it be possible to explain why the code requires access to all data for all websites? Can't install for that reason.
  • This add-on forces you to either cancel installation or give up information about yourself that should be kept private, and forces you to subscribe to his channel...no thanks.
  • Not working for me, just used tutorial:

  • Works as intended. Instandly recognizes an audio format for a website I'm currently downloading audios from.
  • great add-on for firefox
  • Great tool, please use red instead blue for the button background color when ADP is disabled like in VDP.
  • it's not working with mixcloud, which i wanted to ..