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  • Please update the plugin, in the macOs thunderbird , this plugin do not work. says version is not compatible. Thank you for help
  • Was always a must have plugin, used it every day to extract multple attachments from emails with ease. This is something that should be an internal part of Thunderbird. Unfortunatly, now no longer works with TB60. Just hope developer does an update, or some one else takes it on. Would have given it 5 stars if it was still working.
  • Unfortunately, it does not work under TB 60.
    I hope the author created an update.
  • me ha servido de mucho, es muy recomendable
  • I am using TB 52.7.0. AttachmentExtractor does not have full functionality but does exactly what I want it to do; remove those infernal embedded images mindless people use!
    Thank you.
  • thousands of mails & attachments - just got stuck once (which was more likely a mal-formatted email) then continued. Thank you Andrew!
  • AttachExtractor constantly crashes and we have to click on the files until TBird is closed/opened. And after version 45.3 it wont work at all. So we've kept 45.3 just to use the buggy AttchEx.

    I finally found FiltaQuilla. I installed that in 45.3 and it lets you add a filter to "auto save attachments" then for each email account I have a filter for "every email" and set it to auto save. So AttachExtr is now replaced.

    Next I have to see if FiltaQuilla still works in latest version (52 right now) and I'll then I have working replacement for AttachExt and be able to use the latest TBird version.
  • Idea is fine and it has good set of parameters to e.g. set the name of files after they are extracted.

    However, the extraction stalls often. You have say 10000 e-mails and it stalls after say a 1000 messages and you still have to manually recheck and restart from the right position.
  • Excellent for the purposes of remaining the text of e-mail and saving and deleting the attach in a directory. This contributes to have free space in your e-mail server.
  • War bisher immer prima, funktioniert aber nicht mehr mit der aktuellen Thunderbird-Version :-(
  • For me this is a very very usefull tool, thank you very much :-) It's a pity that development stopped, so I have to use an rather old Thunderbird version, because it doesn't work with current versions. Any chance that you sometimes will support these?
  • It sits with the "Extracting" box animation running while stuck at message 1.
  • AE is a most helpful add-on. I'm not aware of any alternative.

    I do use it to strip attachments from certain mail folders, where I do want to keep the regular mail, but do want to strip large or frequent attachments.

    Others complained that AE is not that reliable and does miss some attachments. True, but I can take care of those few.

    Much worse: AE keeps crashing Thunderbird. I feel this happens most while downloading from one mail account and extracting from another one at the same time.

    Unfortunately the developer has stopped to support this tool. That's why i can't recommend it higher than *----
  • When all the emails contain an attachment with the same name for example "Statement.pdf" the tickbox "do this for all emails" does not work, and I have to click the button "Generate new filename" repeatedly for every email.

    Secondly, the generated filenames are not very useful, they just become Statement-1.pdf Statement-2.pdf etc.
    What would be much more useful is if the files receive their ISO date appended, and then IF NECESSARY, add a number to make it unique afterwards.

    ISO Dates are in the format YYYY-MM-DD of the date the email was received. This format is best to avoid confusion/ambiguity between British and American date formats, and also ISO dates make files sort properly by default in file managers.

    So the files would become
    Also it would be very nice if it can have a textbox to enter the filename with special tokens that get replaced.
    So for example
    would become
    Foobar_Baz_2016-01-01.pdf etc.
    Then people can specify their own filenames.
  • Unfortunately not reliable. Sometimes it don't detach attachment, so after i had been trying to use it for hours, I had to save and detach each attachment manually.
  • Very useful add-on. Unfortunately it often misses attachments. When downloading large amounts of attachments all at once it stops after a dozen.
  • Very useful for tidying up mail in Thunderbird 45.3.0 under Windows 7, but when I selected a group of mails with attachments and invoked "Just delete attachments from selected messages", the attachments went, but the mails were reassigned the current date and time and shot to the top of the inbox in Apple Mail and MS Outlook, albeit not in Thunderbird. If this has happened to others, time for a bug fix, for which I couldn't spot the right link, sorry.
  • I tried both "Delete with normal Thunderbird code" and "Detach with AE's internal routine." Both work great, so to avoid the Thunderbird prompts, I will use AE's routine. It hung once on an image of indeterminate size, which I detached by hand with Thunderbird's code, and then I resumed AE with the rest of the folder. Save some space!

    The only issue is that the Size (column view option) that is tallied for the folder does not get updated by either option. So, I only know how many MB I detached by the set of files in my file manager, or by checking in the online webmail client. When one detaches attachments one at a time with the Thundebird code, the folder size updates, but not with AE.

    Would be nice if this were fix, as it would help me see how much storage I'm using (because my workplace has a cap on the amount, lame).
  • I don't know why sometimes my server will have this problem. But this add-on simply hang when try to process such email.
  • This ( with TB 38.5.1 on Debian Linux) is in fact a _very_ handy Addon!
    Tried to "improve" it (because I don't want to have all attachments in one folder) by modifying the formatting of the #date#-tag to 'Y/m/d/' so it will create subdirectories, but unfortunately the last subdir is corrupted always, so extraction can not take place.
    This - of course - is not a bug, but would be a feature if implemented (and I think it's just one or two lines of code)
  • Возникла задача загрузить на локальный компьютер все вложения из нескольких сотен писем. Представьте, сколько времени нужно на то, чтобы сделать это вручную... AttachmentExtractor - спас меня от безумия! :)
    Огромное спасибо автору AttachmentExtractor!!!
  • Can't live without it
  • First of all THANKS ! I started using AE today and really like it and it's settings and features. Really great work!

    And detaching after processing the attachments is such a MEGA great feature THANKS!

    I use it on Ubuntu 14.04 and discovered a little problem:

    A thing which was a little bit annoying is that folder permissions goes wrong when you use #folder# / #etc...etc# in the file name pattern.

    The result should be: ~/Email-AT/inbox/bla.jpg

    When I start the detaching progress AE will create the folder fine but it will be created with folder permissions read and execute (rw) only. Then AE tries to write the attachments and that fails of course because there is no execute/change into that folder permission ("x" permission in linux terms)!

    I fixing this by setting the folder permissions manually after the failure and then restart the process.

    I would really like to see an updated version where the above is fixed and the experimental internal detachment parts going to stable. Then we go for the fifth star in the review ;)

  • This add-on is nice, but horrible configurated. Thus the detaching of a attachment lead to a saving and deleting in the email, however then the attachment is not linked to the email anymore. Only by setting the configuration to experimental mode, this can be solved.
  • Please move the Del-line up to the shortcut menu for preventing erroneous click