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  • This extension still is not working in the latest Firefox version 46.0.1. Per conversion with the developer, there will be no updates in the near future. So this extension is apparently abandoned. I have switched to Chrome and use this extension there with no problems.
  • Thanks for responding so quickly. Add On Bar (Restored) works and the toolbar is back in view. Hope you can work something out with Firefox to fix the issue. Great extension.
    Thanks again
  • Yes I am b/c of this FF toolbar addon. It's a must have when you're away from your video device. Thanks.
  • Needs to have a link somewhere to view the boxscore somwhere. If it did, it would be perfect.
  • works good
  • Awesome Toolbar
  • It's pretty good. I'm not giving it a perfect score, though, because the Chrome version has a really super-neat chart which allows to track & watch lots of sports highlights together. Not available in FF.
  • If you don't have this, GET IT! It is the best!
  • Perfect to follow sports with a lot of information
  • If you are looking for a customizable sports scores ticker, this is the one!!! You can pick which sports to display, how often to update and it even lets yo know what channel to tune into, based on your zip code, if the game is close and almost over. TRY IT!!
  • Please Update this for Firefox 6.0.
  • This is very handy. It works just as advertised. I took off one star because using it with the Mac, there is no "Update" or "Save Changes" so after I configure it, I have to quit FF and restart it to see my changes. But that's a small quibble. Otherwise, it works just fine.
  • It works great but there are a few area's to work on.... what's with the giant ruwt?.... I like that its small at the bottom so you can check on the scores..
  • Easy,Accurate,Informative.My favorite App. so far!Lots of fun!Thank you,Mark Phillip!
  • Pretty doggone good! Thanks!!
  • I love the Chrome version because it is a button instead of a toolbar in the Firefox version. I believe toolbars are slowly being phased out as a waste of space. Will there be an option in the future for a dropdown button?
  • FF 4 RC1 - Attached to Status-4-Eva at the bottom of my browser window

    Things I like:
    Obviously the ticker is great!
    Direct link to the RUWT page for the game.
    The social aspects of the site.

    Things that need work:
    Alerts don't show up in the config dialog as seen in the screenshots.
    Television icon does not show up.
    Style of the bar is larger than normal status bar, extending the height.Cascading the browser colors and styles down to the RUWT bar would be cleaner.
    The white and green background jump out way too much, looks cluttered.
    Why is this huge RUWT?! black box on here? It's really honkin' big! Reduce to a clean icon, it is a huge distraction and there is no reason for such a big image in the toolbar.

    Suggestion:Provide links to the games on their respective site, like MLB. Not from the toolbar but from the website.

    Disabling for now to reduce clutter. Will check back periodically for updates.
  • fuarte interesant si frumos
  • I think this is the coolest thing for sports since baseball.Love it!
  • This is probable my absolute favorite add-on of all. I can check all the games from all of my favorite teams in every sport. And the best part? I can configure this to whatever region I want: north-to-south, east-to-west, and everywhere in between. Wish I could give a few more stars for this, but I guess 5 will have to do. Excellent job & keep up the great work!
  • Tells you what channel upcoming games are on in your cable system! Updates game scores. This is the best sports add on for ESPN junkies out there.
  • Very subtle way to stay aware of scores. I have enjoyed it mostly during work and keeps me informed. Great add-on!
  • if u like sports .. you gotta get this!!!!
  • I like this add-on really well. I would like to have a way to pick out my favorite teams more easily, like having a star in the line somewhere near the rating and number icon. I commonly hit the lock when trying to find a game in a hurry. If the lock feature was somewhere further away from the advance arrow I wouldn't have that problem. There's a very tiny margin for error when the hand is on the arrow to not hit the lock or the icon if you're just trying to breeze through to the game you know you want to watch for certain. If maybe the names of the teams were highlighted in a color for favorite teams, it would be much easier to find them. I sometimes can't see small type with or without glasses. All in all, it's a great add-on. Thanks a bunch. Ok, I realize I'm not supposed to say "great" so add in your own superlative. Superlative, that's what I meant. Is that better? Sorry, I forgot I need to give a reason. Well, there's nothing else like it and it serves my needs very well.
  • It would be nice to have my favorite teams spotlighted. I would like to check on a few baseball scores without seeing teams I just don't care about. Same with football. and hockey.