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  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.

  • k_cole24@yahoo.com
    Arctic Glow is the COOLEST PESONNA I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!
    I can't write in my "RATING", because of things that BELONG ON THE SCREEEN- BUT ARE NOT!!! I give it as many STARS as I can!

  • So glad I have it back with TB11 no longer in beta and very glad the toolbars are where I want them in relation to the tabs!

  • Thank you this one cool :-)

    this is my favorite theme ever,its icy,light blue,and has a great look! nothing can beat this!

  • Красиво,очень )))

  • Die Personas von diesem Entwickler sind aussergewöhnlich gut. Sie sehen nicht nur einfach gut aus - er achtet bei all der Schönheit und den vielen Details (wie passende Bottons) auch auf eine gute Lesbarkeit der Menus.

    So gut durchdachte und so fein bis ins Detail ausgearbeitete Personas findet man nur selten ;)

    Fünf Sterne gibts deshalb von mir (auch noch für die anderen Personas mit kürzerem Kommentar) für die viele Kleinarbeit und die Rücksichtnahme auf Anwender, die, wie ich, eine Brille tragen und nicht mehr ganz so scharf sehen können :)

  • пожалуйста сделайте тему на версию 4.0 симпсоны или из кокой нибудь игры или из мультика

  • Really nice theme. Only problem I've found is that in Firefox 4, the bookmarks menu icon is missing (but for some reason it shows up, as the default icon, if the bookmarks toolbar is enabled?) Please fix it. :)

    Developer response

    Wendy has emailed me a screenshot of the problem.It is a very silly oversight on my part and will be corrected with the next release in the next 3-5 days.

    Fixed and submitted for release on 16-March-2011

  • Many thanks! I use more year, wonderful subject matter!

    Developer response

    Thank you, this year will see you using Firefox 4 so please email, post on my site or review if you have a request.

  • Bogus! It doesn't work with colorful tabs. Nice though.

    Developer response

    I'm redoing my themes on Firefox 4 that they will work with Colorful tabs depending on what the Author does.

  • Very nice, but needs some work. eg small icons aren't of standard size, some basic buttons are missing (like the fullscreen button), etc. To the developper, if you did not have time to create specific basic icons, please leave them as original, at the very least: people don't use their browser to admire themes creators work, but to navigate the Web. Don't thank me for this reminder ;-)... 5 stars for the concept, minus 3 for the current work in production.

    Developer response

    I appreciate your feedback which has influenced me in design for my themes on Firefox 4 along with bug fixes on 3

  • great more create new add ons, 4 imagine...

  • great my man......


  • I love your color scheme but this updated one has a dark colored drop down box in the address bar that makes it more difficult to read.
    I went back to the earlier version of Arctic glow.

  • Lovely. Thank you!

  • so nice!thank you!

  • It looks nice and the colors are great.

  • nawet spoko :)

  • Great job, what a pretty color of blue. Thank you

  • Невероятная красота! Very beautiful!

  • too sparkly.

  • I love it.. It doesn't deserve 4 stars.. It goes on for 5 stars!

  • pretty nice font and effects!