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  • Just what i was looking for. Not too many colours. It's simply Grey. Not dark. Not light. Not Sepia; just beautiful grey. Anyone who develops photos in Lightroom--knows the beauty of grey colour.
    White hurts my eyes.
    Black absorbs the colours, leaving your screen kind of bland.
    Grey, on the other hand, a perfect colour to bring out both details and colours.

    Awesome job, Afnan Khan!
    BTW, Yeh Afnan kis ne naam rakha? LOL. Nice name. It was Adnan, and then creative parents added 'f'. Nice ;)
  • I really like this theme, I feel like the normal dark theme is too contrast-y, this one is way easier on the eyes.
  • Great Job!
  • This theme is simple and stylish. High contrast for easy readability. Yet a very nice eggplant color, not stark black. This is just what I have been looking for in a high contrast theme. Thank you so much.
  • jest taki jaki lubię najbardziej czyli bez zdjęć w tle
  • Amazing color. Simple and fun.